Maytag Maxima - Direct Drive?

rick955iJanuary 23, 2011

Is the new Maytag Maxima, and it's whirlpool counterpart, direct drive? I saw a picture, somewhere, that looked like it was direct drive. If so, what are the drawbacks of direct drive...assuming there are drawbacks as Miele and Bosch don't use direct drive.



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Direct drive is better as there is no belt to break. Spinning has less vibration as the motor is not torqueing on the drum during ramp up.

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My sales guy told me Miele is the only belt driven machine he recommends but he is also a big LG fan. He thinks the direct drive is really great and he thinks the LGs are well built and dependable. FWIW.

This is from LGs website:

What Is Direct Drive?
Direct Drive is state-of-the-art technology that integrates the washing machineâÂÂs motor, belt, and pulley into a single, quiet, and durable mechanism, attached directly to the drum.

By integrating the belt and pulley, Direct Drive reduces the chance of defects.

Less Vibration
Having the motor attached directly to the drum means a more stable, balanced system.

Low Noise
By removing the brush, the LG Direct Drive system eliminates unpleasant frictional noises.

Direct Drive parts carry a 10-year warranty.

This video is pretty neat. Shows the difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG direct drive vs conventional system

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Actually, direct-drive requires higher motor torque to get the drum turning.

LG's motor isn't anything so new as they're claiming. Fisher & Paykel has been using the same kind of brushless DC-powered pancake motor for well over 12 years.

Vibration is much more a factor of the tub suspension design, less to do with the motor itself.

Brushless motors can be noisy, depending on how the current is controlled.

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Does anyone know if the Maytag Maxima is direct drive?

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Why would Maytag not have this information readily available on their website?

I found to seperate links that discuss it as being direct drive.

The New Maytag MAXIMA Laundry Pair

The new look and performance of Maytag front loading laundry is now on display at Saddleback Appliances. It is Maytag's largest front load washer ever with a huge 5.0 cu. ft. Other features include a direct drive motor with a 10 year warranty, advanced vibration control, and fresh hold venting technology. The matching dryer features 7.4 cu. ft. stainless steel drum, steam enhanced cycles and Maytag commercial technology. Color choices include white, crimson red, and granite. Designed, engineered & assembled in the U.S.A.

This also:

Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag Maxima - direct drive?

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Yes, the new WhirlTags are Direct Drive units. Maytag will have the color LCD model by April: 9000 Series


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Thanks for all of the comment folks. I wonder if the 9000 series will have the Oxi dispense mode, unlike the color LCD whirlpool models.

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The 9000 series will have the intelligent liquid dispenser like on the Whirlpool WW97 model--the cmoparable of the 9000. the manual states that if you want to use an oxy cleaner or color safe bleach, you add it to the machine tub when you put in the laundry to be washed.

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I am looking at the maxima washer dryer combo as well... if its basically a whirlpool machine then which one would be a better buy? Maytag branded or whirlpool branded... my major priorities are cleaning/drying of clothes and machine reliability.

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I am also really considering this set - especially since its on sale in ontario. Anyone have these? I am reluctant to buy without a reliable review!

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I bought this set the beginning of Jan. I have nothing but praise for them. I like the capacity, clothes come clean, dryer has the steam cycle that I really like for teenagers wrinkly t-shirts that are still clean!

I have 3 boys and do a lot of laundry. This set replaced my 19 yr old Norge pair.

I didn't get the pedestals as there isn't enough clearance so I do find them low. (Likely I would with all front loads)

The spin cycle does sound a bit like an airplane but the clothes are barely damp that come out of the washer.

When we hear the load finish beeps it is "The Eagle has landed" Don't get me wrong it isn't super loud, it doesn't interfere with t.v. watching or any household activities going on.

This laundry pair really suits our family needs.

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thanks beekat for the review... your washer/dryer is it the 6000 (MHW6000XG) or 7000 (MHW7000XG) series? model number wise.

Also did you look at the equivalent Whirlpool models before purchasing?

We are trying to figure out whether to do the maytag version in grey or go with the whirlpool ones havnt found a place that has both in stock yet.

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My combo is the 6000 series. The store did have whirlpool but not in a comparable model.

The main reason I chose these was based on 5.0 capacity for all of the jeans and towels that I wash.

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thanks beekat.

I looked at the new whirlpool models (94hex, 95hex, 97hex) to compare to the maytag (6000 series only here in canada) ones.

The inside tub for both dryer and washer look identical.

With the whirlpool from last year models that were german made .. this year they all say Assembled in USA so i am not sure what that means if the parts are from germany or mexico and then assembled in us?

I know there was a lot of fuss in the media about whirlpool making a lot of stuff in germany and bringing in to the us so this maybe a stunt to shut everyone up.

In terms of quality i suppose whoever buys these will let us know if they are any issues.

The only reason i did not go with the german made whirlpool from last years line (being cleared out now) is because the dryer is not stainless steele.

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