Help-Towels won't soak up water

jughead_2009January 10, 2009

My wife keeps bringing home these what appear to be nice cotton towels but they just don't soak up water after a shower. Seems like all they do is smear the water around. What ever happened to those cheap white towels I used. What's the solution or problem with them?

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What are they made out of? Microfiber towels can sometimes spread the water around intead of soaking it up. Micorfiber towels are soft and many mistake them for cotton. I would check the tag on the towel.

Are you using them new or have they been washed? If they are new try washing them in hot water with distilled white vinegar first. If they have been washed, what are they being washed in?

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Try stopping the dryer sheets and fabric softener. Perhaps the towels aren't 100% cotton? Fabric softener is supposed to lessen absorbency.
Love your name, do you have a friend named Archie? LOL

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I agree. Run a load of towels without any soap and use 1/4 cup of vinegar in the rinse. See if there are any suds in the rinse cycle. You may have to run them a couple of times to get all the soap out. Also, stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets since they do lessen absorbency.

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I bought some Calvin Klein towels about a year ago that had exactly this problem. DH picked them out because they felt so soft in the store. I'd have better luck using a pair of pantyhose after my shower! I use the new towels for cat bedding.

I've tried all sorts of things, but none work. The towels are white and 100% cotton, so dye and yarn shouldn't be the issue. I normally use vinegar in the rinse water and no fabric softener or dryer sheets. My other towels are as fluffy and absorbent as ever.

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I agree that some towels, for whatever reason, just do not absorb water very well. They feel luxurious, but don't dry you worth a darn. This is not the result of any particular washing or drying method, as they seem to be that way new from the store, and only certain towels in our closet have this characteristic...if it was a result of my laundry method, then ALL of our towels should be affected. I think it must be either something put on the fibers/towels in the manufacturing, or a factor involving the yarn twist or spin. Unfortunately, there's no way to know until you get them home and use them.

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I find that some towels have to be "broken in" by using them. We've had towels that aren't very absorbent, but by the time they've been washed 20 times or so they are much more absorbent than they were when new.
And of course the no fabric softener and adding vinegar to the rinse will help as others here have stated.

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