Warm Tomato Consomme Recipe?

plllogApril 2, 2014

Speaking of soups...

Does anyone have a good recipe for vegetarian (no meat stock) tomato consomme?

I'm looking for a concentrated tomato flavor, not herby.


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I have one for a vegan tomato-fennel (bulbs) consommé. Do you like the flavor of fennel?

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Thanks, Ruthanna. It's not about like, but what's going on around it. I'm looking for a very tomato-y recipe because too many flavors can get exhausting. Fennel is too strong, as is the basil that always jumps into tomato.

I found one which is made in stages: first the tomatoes and then the consomme. It seemed muddy, though. I've figured out since what the tomato stage was after was basically a tomato sauce, and I don't have to put all the other vegetables in if I adjust the volume. But if someone has a good recipe to share, I'd love to try it.

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Something like this? you can always serve it at whatever temp. you want to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe

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When the roadside farm stand has their blowout sale on tomatoes, sometimes as little as 2bucks for 10lbs Sunday late afternoons in september, slightly overripe, i use this method i'll link...
I don't use paper towel, (i use t-shirt material for straining).
I also do not simmer it down to concentrate so much. And i just let it sit in the fridge overnight to drain, then puree the pulp and freeze that separate. I never know how i want to season it so i just leave it pure tomato. I made Jamie Oliver's version for Valentines day, without the vodka, for a base broth for some homemade salmon ravioli.
(adds a slice of beet to the simmer for a bright pink color)

I really like it simple with a bit of fresh tarragon and chives. The rest i froze in 1 cup containers and only ended up with about 6. All gone now. Wish i had made more.

Using our own garden tomatoes i use a near identical recipe to islay's posted above. No heat, pureed, rest a few hours, and just pushed through a mesh strainer. Garnish with tarragon. We like a bit of pulp when the toms are so fresh.

-some heat may give you the tomato flavor you are looking for

Here is a link that might be useful: tomato consomme

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Islay Corbel, thanks for the link. It looks like a good recipe, but again, too many things added.

Sleevendog, I've done that! Not for like twenty-five years, though. I'd totally forgotten! Basically a reduction. I could definitely do that.

I think I'll try to adapt the traditional consomme recipe I found first, because it's easier, and I can fall back on the stewed + reduction method.

Thanks for the T-shirt recommendation. Whatever I make will need to be clarified and I've been turning round and round about it. I can't bring myself to use paper, common cheesecloth is too loose (I used to have a kind that was closer to a very loose muslin, but I can't find it anymore), and I know some people use tea towels, but I'd think they wouldn't let enough of the good through. I have new undershirt material rags that I could rinse well (remove sizing, etc.) and use, that would be perfect. I never thought of that either!

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Don't know what they are made of now, nor how tight the weave may be, but nearly half a century ago I cut up a new cloth diaper to use to strain something--maybe jam or jelly--can't remember what it was. It worked perfectly. I will never forget the horrified look on an elderly neighbor's face when she learned what I had used!

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ROTFL!! Diaper fabric is great! Come to think of it, I might have some new diaper cloth rags too. :) I bought a couple small bales of factory rags (ends and cuttings from the factories) when I realized we weren't generating enough of rags of our own. :)

And shame on your neighbor for thinking you'd use a pre-pooped diaper!

Having toted things up, I'm definitely trying the old fashioned recipe first. It needs five pounds of tomatoes (to feed 20 people), whereas I'd probably need a bushel to do the reduction, and I don't have freezer space for the solids. It really was a great idea, though! The big difference is that the tomatoes get cooked down a lot more in the recipe, so let go more of their liquid. I think.

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Well. That was interesting. I did the traditional style, and it seems really wasteful, especially since it did such a good job of removing the solids that there's hardly any flavor left. Sigh. At least I learned things. ... :\

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That's why you need ingredients to add flavour as in the one I posted. All consommes have to be very strong in flavours to not be horribly bland.

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You're right, of course, but I wanted a tomato flavor, not an herb flavor. And it has the right flavor. It's not bland. Just very weak, and I won't have enough if I concentrate it. I probably should have gone with the method Sleevendog posted, which is an actual reduction.

I've decided that the best way to bring the consomme more tomato flavor is to make more of the tomato base, then hand it over the the food processor and strain it through cloth without clarifying, and reduce that. Maybe strain that again, and add it to the consomme. It won't be perfect, but at this point I'll be happy with flavor over clarity. :)

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