Fabric Softener recommendations

happymomof2kidsJanuary 24, 2011

They went and changed the Suavitel I was using now we can't use that anymore. Can anyone recommend a fab softener that gets the clothes soft and leaves behind a fresh smell but isn't too strong?

I know Suavitel is strong, but I had only been using a quater of the amount recommended so it softened the clothes and the smell wasn't strong. I did the same thing with the new stuff, but we all broke out. LOL

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I used to be a big Downy Free user but a few years ago I switched to "greener" options. The thought of animal fat (tallow) on my clothes was gross (to me).

My absolute favourite for it's wonderful fresh smell is the Shaklee Fresh Laundry. I've tried others but nothing is as nice and fresh to me as that one.

Good luck!

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I started using the Purex crystals (posted about a month ago inquiring about it) and love it, especially the yellow bottle, tropical scent I think it is.

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Downy Mountain Spring (bottle with the green cap) smells very fresh and clean to me. Not too strong, and nothing sweet or candy like. I use 1/2 to 3/4 cap with some water mixed in to keep the mixture thin. I really like it. Of course my FAVOURITE is the original Downy April Fresh, and luckily I have 2 HUGE bottles of the original scent.

The Downy Mountain Spring, does smell similar to Irish Spring soap..which I love the smell of (drying and horrible for skin, but smells divine!). Maybe since Downy and Irish Spring soap are both P&G...they share scent formulas! :)

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I really like Snuggle -- partly because I get such a great price at my favorite warehouse store (great big container w/dispenser which lasts six to nine months for less than $10) and partly because it is not as thick as Downy (which I used to use), thus not as likely to create gunk. It has a nice light scent. I usually dilute it half-and-half with white vinegar (but I don't use FS on towels). This works great for me.

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I looked for April Fresh Downy and can't find it. Do they not make it anymore??

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I've been using a Mexican version of Downy for some while. It's not as thick/goopy as most liquid softeners. The instructions say to use TWO CUPS but that's totally outrageous. I use at most 1 capful ... the smaller cap on the left bottle. The new bottle design on the right has a much larger cap, so I've kept a couple old bottles for convenience.

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I use Purex for Sensitive Skin -- Almond Milk & Aloe version. Its in a white bottle. It has gentle smell & I don't break out as I do with laundry sheets, Downy, Snuggles, et. al.

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That bottle of Mexican Downy looks like the cover of a romance novel.

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I got carried away and forgot to post what I meant to:

I read in the Journal that Proctor and Gamble is marketing Downy as a sleep aid.

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Thank you all for your recommendations. I'll give them a try. Although, I don't think I can find the Mexico version of Downy in my area, but the others are available. I know I can get the Shaklee online, but I will try the store bought options first since they are easier.

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