What I picked up today from Freecycle

jasdipApril 9, 2012

I saw this cabinet posted, and immediately asked for it!

The girl that had it before used it to store her scrap-booking materials in.

It has pull-out shelves, and dividers in the bottom. My cookie sheets and muffin tins fit perfectly. As will my cookbook binders!

I enlisted the help of a friend as he has a van. It was more work than we thought, it actually had to be taken apart, in 2 sections to fit in the elevator of the apartment bldg it was in!

So I took him and my hubby out for dinner (it is dh's birthday as well). All in all a fun day!

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What an amazing find! With the pull-outs it will be super handy and convenient for so much of your kitchen "stuff." Congratulations!

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OMG I'm extremely jealous right now! NEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Jasdip, what a SCORE! Good job! That cabinet will be so convenient for kitchen "stuff". You did good, girl.


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Nice. Looks like it used to hold a tv, but works well for your purposes.

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Wow! That's all I can think of to say!

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You do real well on Freecycle! And here's another great find. Great looking cabinet. Would like to have it.

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How exciting! Congratulations.


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Nice cabinet! That is a great find. I could see using it for all kinds of things.

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Great find jas!

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I'm going to have to start checking out Freecycle, but I will probably want to get rid of more than I want to get.

You could personalize that cabinet by changing the door handles, unless you especially like them. I can see the glass in the large door, which is nice, but do the smaller doors also have glass? Glass is cheap, if you need to replace it. The cabinet looks like it is in great shape.


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Wow, Jasdip, what a great find! I love it. In my kitchen I have all pieces of furniture instead of cabinets. It's worked out for me.

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OMG, *that* was on Freecycle?!

What on earth did you say to convince the giver to choose you out of all the responders?

That is some gorgeous find!


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Sooz, When I answer an ad I am always very polite, and ask to be considered for their generous item, and that I can pick up at their convenience. I was actually afraid that I would miss out, because I had to ask my friend, and then arrange a time. Thankfully, he wasn't working on Easter Monday and we were able to pick it up right away.

When I post something that I'm giving away, I get a number of people who write "I'll take it! Where do you live!?" or I want everything you've got! Of course, those get deleted immediately. I've acquired quite a bit of stuff from Freecycle, and have given a lot, as well.

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1. Looks like solid real wood. That is great. A lot of furniture today are made with conposite fake material.

2. Before you load up with stuff, go to HD and get some of those self-adhesive plastic furniture gliders to stick on the bottom. Makes it easier to slide the cabinet out to vacuum behind without scratching the floor.

3. If clear glass is not what you want, it is very easy to etch a design on the glass. You can get glass etching material in many places.


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Where I live the Freecycle is quite slow. Mostly people that offer children's stuff. Maybe 3 or 4 listings a day? That was an extremely lucky find!

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Freecycle here has a lot of kids toys and old clothes, but it's mostly people saying they need something, I've never found anything worth while. A lot of people want anything you've got because they take the items to flea markets and yard sales and they spend a lot of time watching what's available so things get snapped right up.

Craigslist isn't much better, I posted a couple of things that belong to stepmother like a refrigerator, dryer, lawnmower and got a lot of spam but no real replies. I tried to buy a dining room table there but the poster never answered two emails or a phone call and the table is still posted.

So, I'm envious too, that would be perfect for Amanda's kitchen, where she doesn't have enough storage. Good for you, that's a great find.


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