Where Detailed Specs/Configuration for Coleman DBYX Units

ceburyJune 26, 2012

How can a home owner get detailed configuration/system documentation for their AC unit, like the Coleman DBYX gas-package model? Sometimes I want to reference how my unit operates, defaults, and configurable parameters (set by technicians of course), not just a basic dummies Guide or distributor Feature/Order sheet.

I'll be on hold with the Manuf. tomorrow but wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Or maybe one of you can PM me and email it?

Why would I need it? For example, to answer my question in another post I asked how my TSTAT could signal Stage 2 cooling if there wasn't a wire connected to Y2. A possibility is the unit itself has a Delayed-Stage2-Interval to auto-proceed Stage2 if it continues in Stage1 for X minutes (the same feature is on my TSTAT set for 20 minutes default).

But how do I know if the Coleman DBYX unit really does have this configuration? I don't trust any installer with "oh yeah, the unit is smart enough to know on its own. Don't worry, trust us. We don't need to run any extra wiring for your TSTAT, it's all working fine."

Is this type of system documentation available to an owner of the unit?

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Please include the complete model & serial number and i'll get you what you need.

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Coleman DBYX-F036D110(A?) gas-packaged unit (ordered last month). See here for the label with serial number.

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Your unit has a 2 speed compressor. Follow the bottom diagram and it should work fine. By the way, register your unit by mailing in the blue warranty registration card.

Hope this helps

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Fluffybunnysui: Thank for responding and taking the time!

It's nice to see the unit actually in the York system. Yeah my installer hasn't registered it (they didn't leave me a blue card either) so I gotta bug 'em.

The 4th diagram is almost what I needed, but is there anyway you can send me the PDF of the entire manual? That would totally rock.

With technical docs about the behavior of the unit: factory defaults, technician configurable settings, wiring options, etc that tells me the unit's capabilities (vs. dumb-down commercial material). If any technician tells me something that sounds BS, I can look it up to speak somewhat intelligently about it first. How they respond at that point makes me trust them or I find someone else.

Thanks again for helping,

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It should have come inside the unit... usually in the electrical compartment. If you have not installed the unit, pull the door off and look inside.

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