window AC for bay window

decornoviceJune 20, 2012

Can anyone direct me to an AC suitable for a bay window? The window has a "shelf" inside much like a window seat...more like a deep plant shelf It's not an architectural bay in that it is not formed by the framing of the house walls. When you open the inside window, the ledge slopes toward the outside screen. There is no extra edge to balance a window unit on. Any advice on whether an adapter or brackets could be used or would support a window AC in a bay window?

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Is there a particular reason why you have to use a window AC? Maybe a portable AC in the room that simply vents out the window with the small window kit that they come with (kind of a strip of plastic with on opening for the exhaust hose hookup that you close in the window frame).

They generally require a heck of a lot less effort to install (15 minutes tops) and you don't have to drill into the window frame at all. The only problem I can think of with a portable AC is that your ledge might be too long and the vent hose might not be able to reach the window.

Just throwing an option out there, if it sounds like a reasonable choice let me know and I'll point you towards a few sites with reviews of good portable AC's.

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