Aprilaire 800 Steam whole house humidifier/de-humidifier

rcblJune 22, 2012

Whole House Steam Humidifier - this is something that the owner of the HVAC company highly recommended when he saw 8 boxes for portable humidifiers in our basement Furnace area. We've gone through 2 units for each of the 4 bedrooms on the upper level of the house in the past 4 years. He said that the AprilAire 800 Steam humidifier will help keep the humidity level in the whole house at a constant level (making it a more comfortable home) - The humidifier supposedly can humidify and De-humidify....depending on what the house needs. I really like this add on - but the cost quoted was $2000. That seems a bit on the very high side....Could it be the fact that there is an additional cost for it to be connected to our circuit breaker? I went online and I can buy the humidifier myself for $650-$800. I know how to fish wires through walls and ceilings....but I'd hire an electrician to connect to the circuit breaker.....or is the $2000 realistic?

Any opinions, thoughts, questions, issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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The model 800 is a steam Humidifier--it does not dehumidify.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aprilaire Model 800

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

FWW. I had a whole house humidifier installed and a very few years later had a huge mold problem. It's going to cost about $8,000 in repairs. Should get started next month. Be sure to monitor your humidity % every day.

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