Dryers with steam?

momcoJanuary 7, 2014

Anybody have any advice on dryers with steam features? I have to replace our whole house, and the dryer I had (and loved) is no longer made. It was a Maytag with a steam compartment above the regular dryer which could be used either for freshening and steaming dry clothes or drying delicates that couldn't be put in a normal dryer. Anybody have a dryer that they really love? I'm currently looking at the "professional" Miele washing machine, but am not set on it, and I don't care one bit whether my washer and dryer match - I use them, don't particularly look at them. I want the most effective laundry room possible, not necessarily the prettiest.... don't intend to entertain guests there or anything. So any dryer that is really good will work.

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Sansung and LG has steam, but they are not reliable. I highly reccomend the european models. Miele makes great washers and dryers

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I bought a Maytag Bravos topload washer and steam dryer several years ago. I regret the extra money I spent to get the TOL dryer, I've only used the steam feature twice. I use the water heater feature on the washer all the time, getting the TOL washer was a good decision.

I dry most clothing for 2-3 minutes on low heat, then hang items on a nearby rack to air dry. No ironing ever and saves energy, too.

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My Electrolux has steam. I use it frequently to unwrinkle. Works very well, I love it.


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I have an Electrolux with steam, too, and I also use it to unwrinkle and freshen things. Like Jane NY, I love it. In addition, it cools the load after drying, to minimize wrinkles. You can also set it to keep tumbling on air fluff for up to 3 hours, so that you can get to it when it's convenient and not have the load get all wrinkled. I love that about this machine.


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