Two ACs or one

carztJune 30, 2012

I have a 660 square foot living room/dining room. Would it make sense to have two smaller split ACs (one on LR side, one on DR side) instead of one larger split AC? Would it achieve a more even temperature distribution? Would it be noisier?

Does anybody know of temperature maps for room ACs (showing the temperature at various points around a room)? How even is the temperature distribution from a single point AC?


- Chris

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Are you going to use window units?

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Not 100% sure of what you mean by "two smaller split AC's" but assuming maybe you mean mini splits as your talking about 600 s.f. of space.

Even though I have a mini split in a large sunroom and am very pleased with it I'd suggest the following if you have attic space (or crawl space/basement below your area):

One traditional split AC system with ceiling (or floor vents)appropiately sized. You will most likely need 4 or more supply vents and one return. The result should be a more even distribution of air flow resulting in less temperature variation within areas of the rooms.

Noise should be less than a mini split and less of a "drafty feeling" that a mini split produces when in close proximity to the airhandler unit.

If attic or crawl/basement space is not available for duct work than the mini split would be a good choice.

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Sorry for the lack of clarity. Unfortunately I'm locked into two split units (variable-speed compressor outside, linked to a wall or floor-mounted blower inside). I think maybe they're called mini-splits in the US. Not windows units, and unfortunately floor/ceiling vents aren't possible.

So I'm really trying to figure out whether one big or two small units would be better.


- Chris

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I am not sure of your setup but I will point out one thing. The more units you have, the more maintenance. Eventually, everything needs service or replacement.

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Without knowing the design of the space, I have to think that two units will give you more even temperature. Additional advantages of two mini splits as opposed to one are even better capacity variation is available, and redundancy in case one goes out. To a certain extent or wholly, respectively, both of those require installation of two outdoor units as well as the two indoor units.

What capacity do you need? Where the heck are you anyway?

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Thanks to all for the thoughts.

Ionized: The house is in the Philippines. Unclear what capacity I need. says about 15,500 BTU/hr, and says about 30,000 BTU/hr.

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See if you can find some more sophisticated calculators on the web. What you are looking for is " Manual J".

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energy_rater_la has a load calc link that
you can purchase for use for 30 days.
this would give you a better idea of
what you need to achieve.

best of luck.

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