Miele PW6065W Washing Machine - rating?

momcoJanuary 7, 2014

I'm needing a new washer and dryer (actually, a whole new house, as ours burned down). I am not big on front loaders, but I will purchase whichever washer and dryer get our clothes the cleanest without shredding them, as the whirlpool in our current rental home does (shreds, not cleans). I do not care a bit about water efficiency or energy efficiency. That is all negated when I have to wash the clothes 4 times to get them close to clean, or when I have to replace the clothes because they are ruined. I am looking at the PW6065W Miele Washing Machine only because it boasts more power and higher heat (theoretically). Anybody used this machine? It's so pricey that I want to be sure the money is buying me more cleaning power. I have a large family, so would like large capacity. I do not care one bit about how long the cycle takes - if it gets the clothes cleaner, it could take hours for all I care... it's not like I have to sit there and watch it! I would like the 'steam' feature due to allergies, but if the clothes aren't clean, features don't do me any good. Ideas?

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First, I am so so sorry to hear about your house. I cannot imagine losing one to fire. Hope your rebuilding or new home purchase will go forward quickly and without incident.

I have a year-old Miele 3035, which is the 24" (standard size) model. It is a fabulous machine and does an excellent job. I'm thrilled with it and feel it was well worth the money.

It's the little sister of the one you are considering.

Used properly, it takes out stains with no pretreating and cleans clothes beautifully -- including wool sweaters, fleece jackets, quilts etc. Some of DHs shirts come out and can be hung to dry without ironing. Anything that's stretched out returns to its original shape.

Yes, some of the cycles are long but I've never rewashed and there are so many options. One thing I love is the delay start which is so efficient -- I can put in a load and set it to be finished when I wake up.

My machine goes to 165F, which is as hot as I need on a regular basis for any laundry. My previous front loader went to 205F (almost boiling water) but I rarely used that setting. It was hotter than needed. My machine has a "Sanitize" cycle which does a great job because there's a cold prewash, I can set it for a longer main wash if I like and I can get as many as 3 rinses on that cycle. I don't need to use very much soap either.

This machine will do what you need but the trade off is the learning curve it takes to use it. Two of us got together and did a cheat sheet which includes all the options and some user intelligence. You might want to take a look as it will give you a window on how Miele washers work in general.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele washer cheat sheet

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