Wellborn cabinets? Opinions?

boops2012January 16, 2013

I'm looking at Well born cabinets. Any thoughts or experiences?

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I have Wellborn in one of my bathrooms and the cabinets are just fine. This bathroom is rarely used, so I can't tell you how sturdy the cabinets are, but they look pretty.

My GC likes Wellborn and I think he's very concerned about quality. I'm not using them for my kitchen, however, because Wellborn only makes framed cabinets and I want frameless.

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We have Wellborn cabinets in two bathrooms and for the kitchen island. In the bathroom that the kids use, we have the mocha cream (painted/glazed). After 3 1/2 years, it stilllooks like new. Remarkable, as the kids never think to run the fan. In the master bath we have cherry, and they also look like new.

My big disappointment is with the island. It is the painted black, not distressed finish (midnight, maybe?). While the construction is good, the finish leaves something to be desired. The paint is chipping in several spots, as well as wearing thin around the knobs on the most used drawers. It is also extremely difficult to clean without streaking. I tell my husband I'm glad we didn't pay the up-charge for distressing, as we've done it so well for free.

Totally Confused

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We just had are wellborn cabinets delivered yesterday and will be installed on Monday. I will let u know how they look once they are out in. We ordered wellborn for my daughters bathroom, the master bathroom ad also the kitchen (White Shaker style). Here are the kitchen ones.

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Here is my daughters cabinets for her bathroom

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