Window unit not pushing air

sillybugsJune 12, 2012

Hi :) looking for some suggestions.

I have a small window a/c about 1 1/2 half yrs old.

The air coming out is cold the problem is, its not pushing the air out across the room like it used to.

Tonight i gave it the usual cleaning, removing the brown glop and rusty bits that build up in there, cleaned the inner and outter blades, It looks good but im left with the same issue.

Speed 1 is normal

speed 2 is normal

speed 3 bumps up just a little.

coil has never frozen over.

Any ideas on what else i can check?



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did you clean the filter?

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I suspect the filter, too. Open the front, take it out and vacuum gently. If it falls apart, replace (buy a universal filter and cut to size.)

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Filter is good. i clean that weekly b/c of dust allergy.

Thanks :)

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then you have a motor issue. Or something is clogging the air passage.

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