Anyone Had Central Serous Retinopathy?

texanjanaSeptember 22, 2010

I have been diagnosed with this in my left eye, and am pretty scared that it could never go away.

I knew my vision had deteriorated recently, but just thought it was age. I went in for my regular checkup and literally could only read the top line with my left eye alone. Further tests, retina specialist for more tests, and CSR it is. The weird thing is they don't really know what causes it and there is really no treatment. If a laser is used, it leaves a blind spot so they don't usually do that.

Does anyone know of any vitamins that are good for the eyes? I already take a multi and calcium.

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Eye problems run in my family but I've never heard of CSR so I found this via Apparently it goes away on its own. I don't imagine you are a young Type A male on steroids . . .

Specific vitamins are not likely to help if the disease is not caused by a vitamin deficiency. (But if you are taking calcium for your bones, make sure you are taking adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 - it helps the body absorb the calcium.)

Here is a link that might be useful: CSR

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DH has had it a couple times. 1st was a number of years ago when we was on a very high dose of steroids for a joint problem and also under a lot of stress. As you may have noted in my previous posts , DH is an albino and has genetic eye problems and is legally blind. This new problem came on though and he was very worried and scared as it was in his "good" eye that he reads with. It was a bright flashing area in the center. We went the specialists at the eye clinic in B'ham at UAB hospital for a lot of visits. The said he couldn't have any laser surgery as he has no pigment and laser relies on color to work. Also it is not a sure thing for fixing it. The ultimately said to go home and wait....wait harder.

He did and it slowly absorbed and went away. It came back slightly after that. Then it came back full force while I was on my bike ride this past Spring. It once again has pretty much gone away.

I hope you have relief from this as well. It is no comfort to say "wait" but that is all you can do. I will send positive thoughts your way for sure. c

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Faron here....

All I can do is just let you know that someone in Fargo is thinkin' of you, and sincerely hopes it's a temporary thing. I'll say some extra prayers for ya too.


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Thanks! I have never taken steroids, but the past few years of my life have certainly been stressful. Waiting is the hardest thing to do sometimes, at least I still have one "good" eye!

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I would look into Lutein and Bilberry.

Saying a prayer that this is very short lived!

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waiting is indeed the hard part. It has affected my DH's "good " eye each time and has resolved each time. If you read about it, only 10 % have recurring incidents of this disorder. He was really devastated the 1 st time, not so much the 2 nd and then this 3 rd time was really upset. it has resolved again and he reads as well as he can and then rests and starts again as able. His life has been one of being legally blind so you would think this was not a huge problem but it makes his genetic problem ever so much worse , in a different way.

I will tell you that Zen meditation has made a huge difference in his life and his coping and his stress level. With all that has happened to us in the past month it has proved to me more than ever that if I could also meditate as he does I would benefit in positive ways. Perhaps this will help you with the stress and the "waiting". c

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Saying a prayer for a speedy recovery!

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How old is your husband? My daughter is also albino and legally blind since birth. I haven't heard of CSR before and still can't get ahold of what happens. Have always been 20/20 and after cataract surgery they told me I would be myoptic. Left eye is so bad I wish I could just cover it and use the good eye only. It is frustrating, has something to do with my retina but they say nothing can be done. This post has me thinking beyond in what is going on and I wish others well in healing.

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He is 63 . His brother is also an albino. He had 2 uncles with this on his Mom's side and on his Dad' a full albino and one with a streak in his hair. It has to be on both sides for it to show up. Our kids carry the gene but only one has married and our DIL's family doesn't have it.

When you are very myopic it can cause this problem also as the tension is so great on the retina and fluid leaks behind and it has to reabsorb. It is very similar to a detached retina except that the detached can be resealed with laser and this doesn't respond since the fluid has to take its time. I hope I haven't confused the issue. There are a number of good articles on the subject if you Google.

Not sure what your retinal problem is but my DH was hopeful that the cataract surgery he had with implant would help his vision. It did for awhile...few weeks and then he was back to 20/100 with glasses. He does close his "bad" eye when he reads. I have tried to get him to force that bad eye to work more and close the good eye but old habits are hard to break.

I wish you well sure is frustrating to not be able to see well. c

Here is a link that might be useful: link to CSR

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