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lsiebertJanuary 21, 2012


I`m new to this forum but have enjoyed reading everyones opinions. I`m looking to purchase a new washing machine. Mine is a Inglis sud saver, purchased in July of `91. Only had to replace a tub washer ring about 7 years ago a $100 job, but now the sud saver is sucking water back up and leaking some rinse water into the laundry tub.

Sinse I only paid $1200.00 back then I figured I`m due to get new now. My dryer is still good so only buying a washer.

I have been eying the Miele`s since the repair. I like things to last and I`m willing to pay for that.I would like some thoughts or opinions into the washer.It will be going in my basement.I have a spot on the second floor but moved everything downstairs. I like my laundry out of the way and no one can see it.

I`m looking at the IntelliQ100. I was told that Miele is getting out of the large laundry sets and only going to be having the Eruo style. They have enough stock to last till the summer, but they have the 10 year warranty on now until Jan 31. and delivered bu the end of Feb.

Planning on going next weekend. oh and I live in Ontario Canada if that helps

thanks in advance for any info.

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I have not heard anything about MIele getting out of making large machines - maybe you are confusing them with Bosch? Bosch is discontinuing it's north american size models and only making the Euro sized units.

I would opt for the model that has the display screen, I'm not sure which IntelliQ model that is. However, Miele's IntelliQ models in Canada are basically the W48XX from the US with some cosmetic changes and the addition of a "hockey gear" cycle, I believe.

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let me tell you my Miele story and you decide. Had a small insignificant recall on gas dryer after a year they not only performed recall but also gave us 125 in Persil detergent as an I'm sorry for the inconvenience,
2nd had a motor burn out on the washer after 2 years . came in 3 days repaired no charge and the service person was stating these never burn out Germany will request this one back
Lastly 4 years old I developed an intermittent noise in the dryer. Never occurred while they were there. Taped on I phone //Always graciously made another appt. and finally sent a supervisor on 3rd visit who listened and stated whatever your noise is I do not know but this machine is too loud in other areas we will replace it. Just then the noise occurred and the supervisor immediately fixed it perfectly and performed updates on the washer door at no charge.
You may think well it broke down alot. Well my Whirlpool broke down in warranty and they told me to just lets say tough luck. Offered to sell me a replacement after 3 years of battling the Calypso with a 15% off coupon.
Kitchenaid repair man told my wife never to use stove in self clean as they will not warranty the electrical board after one burn out due to the self clean cycle overheating the electronics.
I am so satisfied with Miele that I bought a dishwasher. Not one complaint.My neighbor disregarded my Kitchenaid story and bought a KA dishwasher at the same time and his shuts off anytime it wants and no one can repair. No help on customer service lines.
It is the quality of the product that is important but most importantly the quality of the service people.
I hear Miele may come out with a range soon I will be the first so I can replace my KA range that is so filty inside because they also do not want you to use a commercial cleaner.
Enough said!

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hi sshrivastava. was told by the salesperson at Goeman`s that Bosch is getting out of the laundry business and reduced prices to get rid of them. Heard from a local applaince store owner that Miele is just getting out of the large one but staying with the smaller units. They have enough to last till the summer, not reducing their prices. He also told me about bosch. This was just last week, I was just there today and he said the same thing. Ended up buying the washer comes on Thursday. He said if I change my mind to keep looking for the sales . They only get told the day before about promotional changes.
The stores I went to only have the IntelliQ100 on display and the dryer only comes in electric, I want gas. So I would have to buy the touchtronic T9822. I was told by miele that it is a different display and the door is different. And I don`t have to worry about a hockey gear cycle but there wasn`t one on there anyways.

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"that Miele is just getting out of the large one but staying with the smaller units"

I find that surprising considering they just launched the IntelliQ in Canada not long ago. I was told by Miele directly that the IntelliQ units will not have a gas dryer option.

Did you go with the T9822 and the IntelliQ? The doors are quite different looking. One is mat silver the other is glass chrome.

Not sure where you are in Ontario but the Miele Unboxed store has some W4XXX units available which would match the T9822 perfectly.

The IntelliQ 100 and 200 are slightly different program wise (much like the W4802 and W4842). The 100 does not have the "sports gear" setting and the 200 does.

IntelliQ 100
6 temperature settings
Maximum temperature: 70�C
Maximum speed spin (in RPM): 1400
10 wash programs: Normal, Wrinkle-free, Sanitize, Woolens, Custom
5 MasterCare programs: Sturdy, Extra White, Delicates, Express, Clean Machine
Heavy soil pre-wash option
Extended wash option
Sensitive extra rinse option

6 temperature settings
Maximum temperature: 70�C
Maximum speed spin (in RPM): 1400
7 wash programs: Normal, Wrinkle-free, Sanitize, Woolens, Silk, Custom, Sports Gear
12 MasterCare programs: Extra white, Delicates, Denim/Jeans, Dress shirts, Pillows/Comforters, Outerwear, Table linens, Beach towels, Express, Drain/Spin, Quick rinse, Clean Machine
Heavy soil pre-wash option
Extended wash option
Sensitive extra rinse option

I have the W4842 and love the display. My friend has the W4802 without it and I'm not sure how she does it. Clearly she's not as OCD as I am. I always want to know how long cycles will take and how much time different features add. But that's me ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Unboxed - Toronto, Canada

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I decided not to get a dryer yet. But may later, Depends on the sales and if they do stop making the large units.It surprised me too , since this model just came out last year. My laundry is down in the basement so it does not matter if they don`t match. I hang clothes out on a line in the summer so it only gets used 6 months out of the year. Still in great shape, will probalby last me another 10 years.I like that I got a 10 year warranty and that they remove my old washer. I went with the IntelliQ100 , I don`t need all the other cycles, We are a family of 4 bunch of runners and everyone else plays soccer. So no hockey gear, thank goodness, my least favorite sport. And do I need it for an extra $500.00
The unbox store is in Brampton about an hour from me. I`m in Beamsville closer to Niagara Falls. All the stores I went to only had the IntelliQ100 on display. I probalby would have liked to have the LED display, but I have never had one before so I won`t know what I`m missing ,(I hope)
Do you Know if the Unbox store use the same promotional sales , like the 10 year warranty that I got? I also like that I bought from a family run business. Not a large chain store. If I could negotiate the price I might have gone else where. I have been wanting a new machine for abouot 7 years and still have the pamphlets from back then. If my suds saver was still working I would not be getting it yet.

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