Miele 9820 - Self Destructed

jsfoxJanuary 29, 2009

Tuesday night while our 1 year old dryer was running it suddenly began making an extremely loud noise. I shut it off and then on again and the noise continued. Tech came out yesterday and the blower and main motor had completely self-destructed. Literally in pieces all over the floor beneath the machine.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any idea what could have caused it?

Just to add a bit more. I called Miele who called our local store who called me to say that they were booked up and it would be 2 weeks before they could even look at it. I raised cane with both them and Miele and finally got a call back that they'd be out later in the day. This is the 5th time we've had service on these (4840/9820) in the year that we've owned them and the 3rd time that we've been unable to use them for some period waiting on parts.

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Are you running both the washer and the dryer on separate circuits? Miele recommends that they are on separate properly rated circuits; 120 Volt - 15 Amp for both washer and dryer.

Are your Miele's being serviced by an actual Miele factory service tech versus a third-party tech?

Here is what I have learned:

  • This is Miele's first endeavor of a residential natural gas/LP heated dryer.

  • There is a large circumference drum seal comprised of rubber and felt that has been changed as it was causing too much friction; this seal is at the front of the machine and easily changed.

  • The squirrel cage blower fan has been changed with the vanes redesigned to move air more efficiently; this too can be easily changed.

  • In the focus groups for the US, Canadian models the glass door was preferred for the dryer; on units sold elsewhere the door is metal and includes a filter in the door as well as the filter we have whereby air can be distributed more evenly; yet another reason why focus groups do not work well.

  • Miele is now increasing the time length of heating time (not the heat temperature) to better dry clothes as too many people are complaining about their clothes not being dry enough. This can be accomplished by a Miele service rep connecting a laptop with the proprietary Miele software to your dryer (this is another very important reason to have an actual Miele factory tech service your unit(s) as they can also upload the latest firmware to your dryer; firmware updates cannot be done by any other means).

Realistically none of the above might not have had a thing to do with your dryer failing, but it is helpful information to know.

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Fahrenheit, thanks for the post. The power is clean and all service has been performed by Miele. Thanks for the heads up on the seal. I don't know if mine is the newer or older. Do you know when they started using the newer one?

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Do you know when they started using the newer one?My understanding is that it is a recent revision; remember machines already assembled and shipped will not have the newer seal. The new seal has a felt part of a different color versus white, probably to visually indicate to a tech whether the seal has been replaced or not.

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Thought I'd post an update. The new motor and blower were ordered on Jan 28. Told 3-5 days to get them. Today we were told they would not have them until Feb 9. They (Warners-Stellion) also refused to pre-schedule installation and said that they will not schedule until the part comes in and to expect it to be approx 3 - 5 days after the part arrives.

So, for the nearly $4,000 we paid for the most expensive and supposedly most reliable W/D available (thankfully we got the extended warranty since its now a 3 weeks out of the factory warranty) we will now be without the use of them for anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks (would have been 4 - 5 weeks if they hadn't relented on their original statement that it would be 2 weeks before they could even look at it.

Am I expecting too much from Miele and Warners'Stellian (our dealer and service co)?

Fahrenheit, thanks for your info btw.

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Update. On Wed I sent an email to the CEO's of Warner' Stellian, Miele USA, and Miele DE. I received a call from Warners' that in effect said that the problems are with Miele and their (Warners') inability to get parts from them in a timely manner.

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I don't think you're expecting too much to expect a $4000 set to work right. You do seem to understand that problems can happen even with expensive units and you're giving them the chance to fix it so you're being reasonable there too. The dealer is at the mercy of Miele to get parts so you can't blame them. After all, if you had bought it from a Miele store, they probably couldn't get the parts either.

One think I'd ask for though is a loaner machine of some type. Even if it's a basic top loader, you could at least wash clothes. Not sure if they would, but hey, it's worth a try.

It's frustrating to have trouble with new items. And it goes up exponentially with the more money you paid for it. Although I do think I'm pretty much convinced of the long-term reliability of Miele, after seeing the number of people with Miele trouble out of the gate, I'm not really convinced they're superior in basic quality control.

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These are not even Miele products. If it does not say Made in Germany stat away.

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I think the issue may be that Miele has tried to grow too fast and in the process they have allowed their customer service and quality control to tank. I don't think they're the company they once were. My past experience with Miele was excellent product and when there was a problem it was almost always fixed within 24 hrs. If a part had to be ordered it would be overnighted and installed the next day. THAT is what I and others are willing to pay such extremely high prices for. For about half what I paid for the Miele I can get the highest end Kenmore or Bosch and get at least as good of quality and customer service.

Sadly, Miele does not appear to be the same company today that they've become known for being.

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Unfortunately, unless you have are in proximity of a factory Miele Service Representative, and that proximity being fifty (50) miles for any extended warranty service because thereafter Miele adds a per mile charge to their visit, I would not recommend purchasing a Miele. The reason is simply: only a factory Miele service tech is allowed to have the proprietary Miele software to diagnose, upload firmware, and check other pertinent data regarding their appliances with the "PC Update function" feature. There is no other way to service the machine properly if you are not a Miele factory tech.

Regarding the W48XX and T98XX series of machines, there are some issues that will prove a problem with the consumer in the long run. The main issue is how the doors are affixed as there is no real means of fine-tuning the doors when the latches become out of alignment with the receiver latch; this is further troublesome with the dryer's latch as it has no roller receiver like the now standard receiver on the revised washer door latch assembly; alignment problems for us came after one year of usage and were gradual. Upon my investigation, and in the case of the dryer it appears that the dryer's own heat allows the door frame to deform every so slightly, but enough to cause latch misalignment. When you investigate how the door hinge, and the door assembly is constructed and mounted, Miele did not take into consideration any means of properly adjusting the door for saggingÃnone. The washer door is better constructed, but it too has no provision of fine-tuning its latch alignment; both will prove the bane of this series unless the hinge assemblies are re-engineered to allow adjustment from the outside of the machines, and not through removing the front panels to access the backside of the hinge attachment.

Your situation is a perfect example of why you need a factory Miele tech as important information has been disturbed regarding keys areas of why the implosion/explosion failure occurred. Information that Miele should be using to assess if it a fluke, production error, manufacturing error, damage through shipping, damage through installation, etc. Miele should have immediately sent their own tech to discover what happened.

Both our machines work well, and we are pleased their results, but we do get miffed when we read about how others countries are receiving ten-year warranties, and some other perks. Miele is now offering some rebates, and if you buy RemoteVision at $329 per module x2 equals $658 then Miele was offering free lifetime monitor for each module. Miele's approach to their module is behind the tech-times and Miele could have been offering a substantially less expensive and better device/service to the consumer. In the case of the washer and dryer, it is simply not worth the expensive in return to what RemoteVision offers.

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Hi Fahrenheit, we are in St Paul, MN. According to the store where we purchased, who is also an 'authorized Miele dealer/service ctr), Miele is moving away from using their own techs for service of consumer products and relying more on the selling dealers or other 3rd parties wherever possible. Previous to this repair all of ours had been done by an actual Miele tech. And yes, there is a very significant difference. The Miele tech clearly knew the machines far better than the dealer techs, always checked EVERYTHING over very well, updated firmware, etc. The dealer techs also had never heard of a need to replace the original white felt seal.

One more reason I'll not be paying a premium for Miele anymore.

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In our area Miele is actually hiring more techs under Miele corporate. Huh, I guess Miele cannot handle the vast territory of the good old US of A. Sounds like too much of a disconnect in the chain of commandÃstarting with Miele! Miele does grant authorized status, but a real Miele tech, because of how Miele is structured, is still the way to go as you have unfortunately been experiencing.

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It's really sad to see quality units become junk. Remember the glory days of Maytag? Then came the depression days of Maytag. It's sad. Sounds like Miele will soon have a "tag" at the end...

So what's the deal with Miele? You're saying they're not "Miele" products? Is it they're manufacturing elsewhere to save money or are they subbing it out to contractors to build for them? I didn't realize there was that issue. But it sure would explain a lot.

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These are teething problems that Miele should correct for all those who purchased these units. The are made very well, however, in the case of the dryer door, the door itself is framed in plastic with two pieces of glass sandwiched between. The plastic bezel needs more design to prevent deformation, although ever so slight, but enough to cause door latch engagement issues.

Regarding jsfox's dryer fan failing, we really do not know the cause of failure, but if I were Miele I would have flown in my own rep over to discover the problem, and if necessary buy back the unit to disassemble and study it.

We are still interested in purchasing Miele appliances, and we have no issues telling other what we have learned about them. Our washer and dryer work very wellÃnowÃand we are still happy with them. Our situation, and factory Miele tech availability, is different from jsfox's so we do have an advantage in ownership; that can all change should we relocate to an area where a factory Miele tech is unavailableÃthen we would not consider Miele.

There are techs out their who are very competent, but since they are not Miele factory techs, Miele has made the decision to handicap them through withholding needed equipment, and insider service information; Miele's loss to be sure.

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And it goes beyond Miele handicapping them. The Miele techs know Miele appliances and are able to keep up with notices of things to look out for. Dealer techs service all brands. So like in our case they employ 34 techs who all service every brand the dealer sells. There is no way they can even begin to keep up with service bulletins for all of these nor do they get to know the specific machines as well.

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jsfox - why don't you organize your techs into areas of expertise like doctors? That way those that serviced laundry could keep up on laundry, or heating appliances, or refridgeration, or foreign vs. domestic. Certainly you can see the need for better service on a $4k w/d vs. a $1k, or Miele vs LG, yes?

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where are you located.... I bought my 9820 &4840 in apple valley last year, they delivered to albert lea. and warner stellon is an authorized dealer and installer, so your warranty should be for two years. The latch on my washer was a little low, so I called warner stellians and they then called me back and told me miele wanted me to call direct, and warner gave me all the info I needed so I would not have to look it up. I called and they got me an appointment with the authorized tech in st paul, he came in two days and we are well over 90 miles away.
There is now a tech in rochester. I am really surprised with the service you received since both companies could not have been more helpful to me. While the tech was here he also did complete checks on both machines

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Thank you Fahrenheit_451 for writing the post regarding the temperature regulations on the dryer. I too complained about the clothes not drying to a point where I would have given back the washer and dryer if I could. I called Miele and they sent their tech the next day and he decreased the moisture sensor so the dryer doesn't shut off as fast. It is great. And he programmed my washer with an automatic extra rinse cycle on every setting so if the setting had 2 rinses it now has 3 and so forth. Thank you so much. He was really nice and spent an hour here and checked everything on both machines. I mentioned the squirrel cage blower fan but he danced around that one.

Now for the kicker-I called Miele to inquire about extended warranty on these units and was told I had to purchase it within 11 months of date of purchase, not delivery. I asked why Miele doesn't send a reminder like Kitchenaid and was told the store where we bought it should have done that. I said I bought it at Expo and it went out of business in April which is the month I should have purchased the extended warranty. I think Expo was a little busy selling off their stuff and noone got a notice about the warranty. I asked if I could purchase the warranties and she said no even though the store was no longer there. I think I will call back tomorrow and try again. I think Miele is losing money by not reminding people and I could swear I had 12 months to buy my warranties on my ovens and hood but I know I bought the warranties in the 12th month after purchase of those items since I have the receipts and warranties. If I would have purchased the units I think on June 1 instead of May 28th I would have had 2 years but Expo didn't mention that either.

Sure glad you are on this site. Thanks again. You have made my life easier and I don't hate the machines anymore.

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I would suggest you choose a different manufacturer next time. I mean if the device only causes continous problems whats the point? I personally do not own a miele, but a mate has one and it has broken down aswell. Customer support was quick to help him though...he had the issue resolved pretty fast.

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