Carrier rebates expiring....will new ones come in fall?

cindywhitallJune 22, 2012

I haven't made a decision yet on my new hvac system. I am now leaning back toward the hybrid...The proposed system would get me a $650 rebate, but they end on Friday and I'm not sure yet. I'd like to get the new system now so i can have the new and improved a/c for the summer, but not if I can get a rebate again by waiting. Is anybody familiar with when Carrier has historically announced their programs?

Also, is a hybrid a good savings when my elec rate is about .11 kwh (currently) and gas is about 1.00 therm?

To achieve my energy savings and get a big rebate from the state, I have to upgrade to energy star equipment which means a furnace that is 96%. With this furnace is it really worth the extra $ for the heat pump? (about 450 more total but the heat pump pkg has a .63 hot water heater and the conventional has a .66 hot water)

Knowing my elec and ng prices what do you think?

Any knowledge on rebates? I might decide this week, but not sure if the deadline can be met.

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We are in the same boat. The owner of the HVAC recommended not to pay the extra money for the Hybrid because the savings would only be around $10/mo and the extra cost of the system was an additional $1, would take almost 10 years to break even. Additionally, (no one has a crystal ball) there is an assumption that the cost of natural gas will go down and not up (it is not a regulated commodity) whereas electricity is and has more potential to increase.

Our gas bill is approximately $150/mo and the breakeven point for the savings for the Hybrid was not recommended. He was willing to sell it to us but was very honest and made no attempt to upsell us on it.

Hope this is helpful.

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Yes, I emailed my brother who has done his homework on utilities,metc. He got solar installed. He says gas dirtmcheapmrifht cheap right now and will likely stay that way while electricity is expensive, not suremif that is in nj ormeverywhere. Based on that assumption I don't see much benefit. The hoax people claim it is more comfortable heat. Also, if your guy says it says 10 my furnace will be a 96 eff so maybe less savings than a heat pump paired with an 80 or 90 furnace.

Last night I was almost on the hp train and emailed the contractor for more info...

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There will not be much savings getting a dual fuel system if you are getting a 95%+ efficiency furnace. The pay back would be very long time. You also need to factor in the additional wear and tear on using the heat pump in the winter. No one ever seems to acknowledge this.

Carrier runs rebates in the spring and fall. The fall scheduled is usually September 1 to November 15. I suggest you wait until the fall to work with HVAC contractors. The current heat wave in NJ has them swamped right now.

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Mike, I agree they are swamped, but if I'm going to do it I'd love to start saving right away (August a/c!). Do you think their prices are any lower in September? I wonder if any of them would admit it, maybe give me a discount if I wait for their slow season. I don't think I'm getting a rebate eligible system....I wish I knew if the njcleanenergy program would run out of $$ if I wait. I know last year's program was even better, but I didn't know about it them :(

THe hvac guys seem to discount the idea of the extra wear and tear, but it just seems common sense to me. However, they stand to get more business if it does wear out or break down. I always try to remember the source of any inof I get, and where they might be biased. That's why I like this site!

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" I have to upgrade to energy star equipment which means a furnace that is 96%. With this furnace is it really worth the extra $ for the heat pump?"

Cindy, the cost/benefit analysis will depend on your location and cost of utilities. Here in Oregon, with an efficient HP we would use very little furnace capacity... we're talking

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The best time to work with HVAC contractors is during the slow periods of the year. In NJ it is the months April-May or October-November. You may get a little better pricing if the company's crew are sitting idle, but problably not a significant discount. However you will get a crew who is not exhausted working 10 hour days and weekends trying to keep up with demand. Installation is key, so you want installers who are going to take their time and to it right.

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