Fisher & Paykel Washer Error

rpandttJanuary 27, 2014

I have a GWL11 , Eco Smart top loader

My washer stops at the first wash progress cycle. I select normal wash, automatic and when I press start, water starts flowing and then I get a beeping noise. I advance the cycle and water flows, it beeps again. Once I get through wash cycles it washes fine the rest of the time. I've tried the wash temp down, then power, beeps twice, push spin up twice, but don't get any error codes. Water both hot and cold come out forceful so don't think hoses are clogged. Any ideas?

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Probably the diverter valve is bad or clogged with something (such a dime or hairpin) preventing it from fully seating into recirculation mode.

You're not doing the diagnostic correctly. Press Spin Up as many times as needed (should be 3 times) to get BOTH the Hold and Slow lights on. Press Spin Down to back up if you overshoot the mark. There are sixteen diagnostic modes. The number of times pressing the spin speed buttons isn't the key ... it's which spin speed lights are on. Pressing the buttons scrolls up and down through the levels to get into the correct mode. The fault code won't display if you're in the wrong diagnostic mode.

The Perm Press cycle should work without error if the diverter not shifting into recirculate mode is the problem. Perm Press doesn't involve the recirculation function.

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