advice on laundry room counter height ?

gus5January 14, 2012

We are building and I'm in the process of designing the laundry room. I would love any suggestions about the height of the counters. This is a second floor laundry (so not a mudroom)with an 8 foot counter with a utility sink. I plan to use the counter for folding. I'm wondering if I should vary the height of the counter. Also wondering if I should not put base cabinets under all of it so I can have a stool. Any thoughts/design suggestions are welcome! Thanks...

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How do you find the height of your kitchen counters? This height should be close to a comfortable position for working. If you are shorter or taller then average, then consider changing slightly, but consider resale if you do

Is this countertop against a wall?

Where will you place the folded clothing, while you are still folding clothes?

How much countertop do you have room for?

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I find it's easier, and faster, to fold while standing. I prefer a laundry counter height of about 34" (slightly less than standard kitchen counter height). I am 5'3" tall.

Standing to fold feels easier because of the varied items in a wash load. Some need to be hung, some folded and some folded while standing in order to use gravity to get large items like sheets and towels to fall into place. Because of these activities it makes more senese to stand as I can move around the room more easily and quickly. Even if I was folding something like a full load of (formerly)cloth diapers that I now use as cleaning cloths which are all one, relatively small, size. These are better if shaken/snapped and if I'm standing I don't have to do that over a counter, but instead at a more natural, lower height, before laying down in folded piles on the counter.

I would set up surfaces of various heights using boxes, ironing boards, or dressers and see what feels best for you. And see how much you want to stand to do the job. I think it's quite personal.



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We just went through this last weekend when we went to install our new cabinetry and sat and pondered whether we wanted to make the height of the counter match the washer and dryer (which are side by side, not stackable) or not. We ultimately decided to have it all be the same height so that we can run a flat counter over the top of it all. I am fairly short but it's fine and I can still comfortably reach the first (of 2) shelves in the upper cabinets as well.

But, I wondered what others do b/c we were really not sure at first. I think if I had a very large room or a different layout that I would have entertained the possibility of having varying heights but ours is just a simple L shape (not huge but very adequate). However, we felt for our space that this was the best solution.

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