Unscented HE Powder detergent?

twebbzJanuary 20, 2010

Who makes an unscented powder HE detergent that's available at retail stores? I think Purex does but are there others?

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Sears has a good one - I think it is called Free and Clear. I am very sensitive to fragrance and it has no smell. It is also cheap and works well. You may need to get it in a Sears store - the website doesn't list all the different types that they have in the stores.

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I just started using Country Pride - absolutely no scent, great for those with eczema or allergies. I bought it at Amazon, but it is also available on the Country Pride website, if you want to try a small amount. (Seems to be cleaning great too.)

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I have tried many perfume and dye free detergents for my FL.

Sears Ultra Plus perfume and Dye free (Works fine, but you have to keep it in air tight containers and away from humidity. The fine powder can pellet and then you have to predissolve it in hot water before you can use it unless you are doing a hot water wash. You will also need to use some type of fabric softener to reduce static.)

Cheer Bright Clean Free and Gentle (Not marked HE, but is low sudsing. I tested it. Only need a 1/4 to an 1/8 of a cup per load. Dissolves well in all water temps. Has no HE symbol so you would have to keep it out of sight of service techs and have a decoy in it's place. They always ask what detergent you use even if your service call has nothing to do with it. You'll need some type of fab softener with this one too.)

Country Save (Natural brand. Needs to be predissolved for cold or warm water washes. 1 TBSP sudses more than the Cheer bright clean, but it is still marked HE. Techs say as long as it has the HE symbol it's fine. Kind of shows their bias without research. No fab softener required with proper rinsing)

Charlie's Soap (Natural brand. Dissolves well in all water temps. Is low sudsing and marked HE. Cleans the best at stain removal from my experience. Also, you have to wash your laundry several times to get out old residues before it really is effective. Don't know why, that's just the way it works. You can also get greying of whites if you have hard water and do not address it. Fab softener is not required with this one. It is still my personal favorite and is the one I use most of the time.)

Seventh Generation (Natural brand. Has the HE symbol and is low sudsing. Consumer reports gave this a good review, however, I found that for the price it wasn't worth it as the one's peviously mentioned worked just as well for me, if not better, and cost less. you have to use fab softener with this one too.)

With all of these that I have used, pretreatment or presoaking of heavily stained itmes was a must.

Others I have not tried:
Allen's natural

All these are natural brands. There are probably more but I can not think of them right now.


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Happymom mentioned Biokleen, I've used it and just wanted to add that their "Premium Powder" with enzymes worked much better for us than their "Regular Powder."

Biokleen Premium Powder does have a very, very light citrus scent. I prefer unscented products but this scent is so minimal that it's been fine for us.

Biokleen also makes a "free and clear" liquid, which works well, but I know the OP was asking for powder options.

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I have been pleased with this scent free, phosphate free HE powder:

Only US chain that carries it is Fairfax around NYC though - otherwise you have to go on-line. Unless you live near the Canadian border as most Canadian grocery and hardware chains carry Nature Clean products.

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