Bryant Evolution Control Does not recognize Furnace model

getafizJune 3, 2011

I got the Bryant 315JAV048090 furnace installed this week and got the Evolution control SYSTXBBUID01-C installed with it. The installer did a great job with the installation itself, but is a little clueless on the controls and the setup. he had some issues with the controls communicating with the furnace and then had to replace the mother board on the furnace to get it to work. When it did work, the evolution control sees the furnace, but does not pull up the model # (as I think it should according to the documentation). The installer walked through the setup and we found a couple of options missing i.e. the documentation says it should be there and the display does not show it. The installer is saying that the model # was not recognized because it is an 80v and not 95 and some of the options are not available as a result. I am not convinced and am looking to the forum for help. Today the furnace would not turn on even when I cranked up the heat and then gave a system fault and asked me to contact bryant. Now I'm concerned about the brand new furnace that we've put in. Any ideas would be appreciated.


1. Should the control recognize the model # of the furnace?

2. If it did not recognize the model, would it default settings that it should not?

3. What should I ask the installer to do?



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If you go to the Bryant web site (link below) you will see for the Evolution Control supports the 315JAV048090 furnace. The model number should appear on the installation set up screen. That fact this furnace has a 80% AFUE and and not a 95% AFUE is irrelavant.

The furnace not turing on indicates the installation is not correct. Is this the first time he has installed this a Bryant Evolution controller and furnance?

The answers to your questions:
1. Yes.

2. Not sure what default settings are. The dip switches on the new motherboard may not be set correctly. (I am suspcious as to why the motherboard had to be changed).

3. Ask the installer to complete the installation correctly. If he doesn't know how to do it, then he needs to call the Carrier distributor to walk him through the correct settings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bryant furnace specs

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I looked at the trobleshooting guide for my Carrier Infinity furnace. This is the essentially the same furnce at the Bryant Evolution. Is your furance displaying a status code 25 error?

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