Fresh air into interior laundry

harbormomJune 15, 2011

Planning a secondary laundry, but it would not be on an outside wall. Stupid question it possible to to get some fresh air into the space and pull out the moist air? If so, are they sufficient? I do not want mold! :-)


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So, I've found whole house air exchangers, which I'm sure we'll need (although I'm a fan of open windows). Any ideas on brands or types. Can we put a duct into the laundry room, then put an exhaust fan to pull air out.

Or are these exchangers all-in-one? Are they inline with exhaust fans? Thanks!

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ours has a standard bathroom ceiling fan in it, which I like as the laundry is off the bedroom. It is good for removing heat and cleaning odors. Fresh air at the 50cfm that type of fan exhausts simply comes from the adjoining space.

It is simple and works for us.

We don't live in a high mold environment though.

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Thank you Julie.
I think we'll go with a whole house air exchange and a fan in the laundry room. Should be fine.

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