I hate dusting!!

terriksSeptember 26, 2011

It seems like no matter what sort of dusting tool I use I end up moving the dust around rather than picking it up. What am I doing wrong? I have tried leaving an even layer of dust on the furniture so that it's not so noticeable, but someone keeps messing it up. Just kidding ;)

Seriously, I must have almost a dozen dusting tools, including microfiber cloths, a lambswool duster and Swiffer dusters and have trouble with all of them. Does anyone have a great dusting tip?


Dusting challenged

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I'm right there with you terriks! I hope someone offers some great tips. I need help with everyday dusting, but specifically my wood blinds. Ugh!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

My favorite dusting tool is the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. Granted, I do not dust as much as I should, there is just too much of it.

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I use a slightly damp (almost dry) microfiber cloth and that seems to work for me. However, if you have rugs or carpeting, just walking through the room generates dust. Also, if your duct work isn't clean, you could be blowing dust from your vents when you use your A/C or heat.

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I do almost the same as forhgtv. I have a sock on each hand...I use white ones so I can see what I am getting . I slightly dampen them and then no dust flies. Works like a charm.

For the pretty glass display shelves I use the damp socks first to get off the dust and then go back with the glass cleaner and a dust free linen cloth. I hate microfiber. For some reason when I touch it I feel like fingernails on a chalk board....eeekkkk.

I use this method for cleaning all the woodwork too. I usually vacuum first and use the attached brush to run over the woodwork. Then I go back and just quickly pass over with my " socky " hands.

If I sound nuts...well I am :) c

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I know what you mean! I spray my hand or floor swiffer with a little Plegde~seems to work. ;o)

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I use a slightly damp terrycloth washcloth on most things. On electronics and fine wood pieces I use Pledge Dust & Allergen unscented dry cloths.

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my favorite new trick is those nubbly almost shaggy, really soft, microfiber socks. put them on my hands and the longer fibers catch everything. I think those swiffer things have something (a little film maybe) that stays behind and attracts dust so you have to use more of them more often.

When will they invent a roomba for that?!!

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Ladies! WAY too much attention to dusting. My theory is if you can't write your name in it, it ain't ready!

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slightly damp dusting is what I do also, with a dry cloth after.

I just got a vision of some of you wearing mittens and petting your furniture, lol.... good idea though, I'll have to try that !

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One of my mom's friends would say, when you walked into her house, "Oh, I haven't had time to clean, so if you see any dust or cobwebs, just let me know....and I'll grab a rag for you to clean it up!"

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I'll do your dusting if you do my trim LOL

I use a microfiber cloth or an electrostatic feather duster. I only use a creme (has orange oil I believe)on my wood pieces, no pledge, etc. but I don't use that every time I dust. I have alot of antiques and they love the stuff, plus it doesn't build up. The electrostatic dusters are great for a quick dusting or getting into those little nooks and crannies.

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Do the dusting solutions (Pledge, etc.) really help? I like the smell of them, but it sounds like a damp cloth may be just as effective. I also worry about build-up of the cleaning solutions.

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i use old (clean) socks too! i really try to repurpose things and through the years have collected millions of socks-hole in heel/toe or lost partner, etc... since i have boys, most of them are white.

rarely do i wear them on my hand though! lol

and, there is nothing that will ever make dusting our wood blinds in our family room easy... :( they're stained a medium wood color like pecan, and show dust and streaks pretty easily... i only VERY occasionally dust them because they're such a pain...

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I lightly spray a swiffer with wood floor cleaner and also use a vacuum, never pledge. Dusting deosn't bother me that much, it's having to do it again in a week or two that does!
Can't get ahead!

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I use two things which works great. I'm on a dirt road so you can imagine the dust we get, especially when the wind is coming from the north.

Microfiber cloth, but I got a really good brand and I can't remember which. The key is to go slow so it can pick up the dirt.

Then I take it outside and shake the dirt off.

For small spaces I use the dust handle thingy..from Swiffer? Again you have to go slow so you don't move the dust. I also shake it outside.

Not sure if this was mentioned above, but never put your microfiber cloths in the dry with fabric softener. But I've done that before and they're okay.

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The Dust and Allergen Cloths I use are made by Pledge, (Procter & Gamble) and are used dry, there are no cleaning solutions on the cloths or added by me.

Once in blue moon I use furniture oil on the wood furniture applied with a soft cloth.

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folk, that is too funny! I will have to use that sometime!

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I really like the swiffer type feather dusters. I have a media stand with matching drawers and shelves (Pottery Barn) and that thing attracts dust like crazy. I got some micro feather dusters from the $1 store (not Swiffer brand) and they are amazing. The media center actually stays un-dusty for a week.

Other than that, I use Endust on a microfiber cloth or whatever cloth is handy. Sometimes it's just a paper towel becuase I dont have to wash it.

To dust the floors, I use paper towels sprayed with endust and clip them into a Swiffer sweeper handle. I am too cheap to buy the actual swiffer cloths.

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I vaccum first through the house -- and then lightly spray a dry swiffer with a special mixture I make up (a spray bottle filled with orange hardwood floor cleaner, a dash or two of white vinegar and a dash or two of water)

THEN I dust -- with an old white facecloth sprayed with my special mixture.

For the wood furniture I HIGHLY recommend both and company (a small company based in New Hampshire) AND the totally organic cleaner!

Here is a link that might be useful: Williamsville Wax -- THE BEST EVER and MADE IN THE USA!!!

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for things that really attract dust...like a media stand...get an electron gun.....shoots either negativly or positivly charged electrons...forget which...and keeps that stuff from attracting dust.
Also works for TV and monitor screens.
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: anti static gun

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Interesting, Linda. I wonder if it works on your hair when you get all static-y? That description of the composition of dust is revolting, although I already knew it. If I am shedding that many skin cells, why am I not losing weight?

And why do empty houses get dusty if no one is in them? Just a thought.

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dedtired - If I am shedding that many skin cells, why am I not losing weight? LOL

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A couple people have mentioned that they don't use Pledge, why is that?

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One thing that nobody mentioned is to declutter. Clutter attracts and produces dust... and it's harder to dust around it.

....slinks away to go file a stack of paper that's disintegrating into dust....

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I recently got this cool high reach microfiber elongated mop-type duster made by Bissell to reach the ceilings, tops of door frames, etc. The really cool thing is that the dusting end will come off of the telescoping pole and makes a great table/furniture duster. The mop-like microfiber threads of the head really do well at trapping and holding onto the dust, cobwebs, etc. and then I can just pull the 'mop head' off of the frame and toss it in the wash - too cool! They also make a great floor dust mop and wet mop - great for getttiing rid of the dino-sized dust bunnies my dogs make when they shed and mopping up doggy drool. ;-)

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