Help: Add plywood to reinforce floor?

misterzJanuary 3, 2010

Laundry room closet is on second floor, middle of townhome.

Currently chipped tile is in there. I am going to rip it out.

Any suggestions to reduce vibration? Add 3/4 inch plywood? Add rubber sheet and than plywood? Or plywood and thick rubber mat on top of plywood?

Help please.

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Some more information about your existing structure will help. Your tile might be chipping because it was improperly installed. Do you have a top or front loader washing machine? Since you are dealing with harmonics all factors need to be taken into account. Here is a blog link on the subject with input from others on how they attempted to resolve the issue regarding a front loader: Front Load Washer Vibration And Noise - Think Sikorsky Helicopter

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Just a thought: how about using an anti-vibration set. They look like hockey pucks and are used under the feet of woodworking machines. I think Lee Valley Woodworking is one supplier, but there are probably others.
Now that I think of it, I'll have to try some under my own w/d. I could use less vibrations.
Good luck.

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That is a very interesting post dryndusty. Furthermore, I absolutely agree with your ideas!

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When we were going to get our first front loader we were worried about the reported shaking problems. I had the floor redone with a small 3/4 plywood platform in one corner to take the washer and dryer. It was cut to about the space they needed and nailed down with ring nails and screws. Then the waterproof cement board under layment went over the whole floor and new porcelain tiles on top. It has worked perfectly, and we didn't have the changes we would have if we had raised the entire floor by 3/4 inch.

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