Kenmore 800 series spin speeds

runner2014January 15, 2014

I have a 7yr old Kenmore 800 series washer, model no 110.27872600.
I have noticed that the spin speed for the optional 2nd rinse on the normal cycle is not as fast as it is for the 1st rinse. In fact, the speed for that 2nd rinse is the same as it is for the delicate cycle.
On the Ultra cycle though, the spin speeds for both 1st and 2nd rinse are the same, fast speed.

Am I correct to assume that there is something wrong with the timer?



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Is there a speed switch on the console, or is speed selection integral to the cycle selected on the timer?

Parts diagram shows two temp switches (both are the same part number). Is that correct or is the diagram wrong?

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The spin speeds are integrated with the cycles. This is a mechanical timer. No electronics.
There is only one temp switch.

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Probably is a timer problem. I can't fathom anything else in this case that would throw a wrong motor speed into play ... although very well could be something I'm overlooking. Has it always exhibited this behavior?

Just curious ... the parts diagram indicates four auxiliary switches on the console from left to right:
- water level
- temperature
- temperature again
- extra rinse

Obviously the diagram is wrong ..... so what are the four switches? Can you post a pic of the console?

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There is an error in the parts diagram. The switches are, from left to right:
Water Level, Soil Level (3-position), Temperature (5-position), Options (2-position for 1 or 2 rinses), Timer

I guess if I ever need one of the switches, I will have to look other than at Sears Parts Direct.

There is also a problem with this machine not spinning at all, but this is a clutch problem. I have ordered the replacement clutch, but I do not expect this to have any effect on the spin speed, since I can hear that the motor is running at a slower speed when the spin speed is slower.
I fully expect to be replacing the timer in the near future, but I want to get the transmission working properly first.

Whatever I do to this 7yr old machine, it will cost a lot less than a new machine. I believe that it is still worth repairing, since I am doing these repairs myself and not paying the service guy, who would want so much for a repair that buying a new machine becomes a better option.

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Sounds like the machine may be reducing the spin speed in a slightly out of balance condition in order to complete the cycle.


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It's a Whirlpool-built direct-drive machine, they don't actively moderate spin speed for off-balance.

Regards to the diagram showing two temp switches ... could be the same switch design functions for soil level and temp. Only way to know is examine what's in your machine.

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As far as I know, there is no active loop between spin speed and balance of the tub. In some previous models I have had, an "off-balance" switch was used to stop the machine and sound a buzzer. But on the last few machines this switch does not exist, and the stupid thing will just shake and bang itself to death if you let it go.

I have received the new clutch and motor coupling, and will be installing them tomorrow. While I have the machine open, I will check the timer, and see what is actually happening during that slow spin speed. There should be a schematic - or at least a logic diagram of the timer function inside the control panel.

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Finally I decided to pop the control panel from the washer, and found the schematic / logic chart. Turns out that the spin speed for the normal cycle 2nd rinse is SLOW by design, and for the Ultra cycle all spins are regular speed (fast)!
Good thing I didn't go and order a new timer! That would have been a complete waste of $100.

Thank you all for your follow-ups to this thread.
We can now consider this thread closed.

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I was wondering if that may be the case, although it seemed an unreasonable premise.

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