Pictures of Cambria counters please

leslie44January 26, 2013

I'm a long time lurker and have gotten some wonderful advice from you all about everything (I changed cabinets to drawers ). Hoping for a little more help.

I am having Cambria counters installed but am struggling with the colors. I have white shaker cabinets, white appliances, oak floors, and creamy sand color walls. Looking for pictures of your Camria counter tops as I'm having trouble imaging a whole room based on the small sample. Any recommended colors would be wonderful also. Thanks!!!!

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We have Torquay, with an off white cabinet color on perimeter cabinets. Caveat - we had to select a bold backsplash tile to offset all the white.

Good luck!

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Here's my kitchen with Buckingham on the island (sorry, photobucket won't let me edit right now, so the pic is huge):

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Not a kitchen but our bathroom done with Canterbury, white chocolate vanity and BM warmed cognac walls.

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I have Cambria Praa Sands. I love love love it. But I have dark brown lower and natural upper, so my color scheme will not help you. What I found helpful when I did my research was to go to and search for Cambria. You can even narrow down your search criteria to a certain color. Look for the search help on how to search for a few keywords together.

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Mudworm, I'm intrigued by Praa Sands. I'd love to see a picture!!!

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I found that ordering samples from cambria was well worth the money. Its such a pricey, key part of the kitchen that its handy to actually have a piece.

Good luck

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Dutchaccent, I'm currently out of town and don't have a picture of it. I haven't taken pictures because our kitchen is not done yet. But what I can say is about Praa Sands is: it hides everything, yet it does not appear busy, and the dark pattern in it goes really well with the anthracite blanco silgranite sink.

When we received our two slabs, I could see that half of one slab appeared to have more white than the rest. But we were able to make it work with our layout. Guess I just want to bring that up to point out that just because it's engineered stone, perfect uniformity is not guaranteed.

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Dutchaccent, hope you have your notification turned on. Sorry I only just got around to taking some quick photos with my phone.We haven't painted or installed backsplash yet, but here is my Cambria Praa Sands with dark base (Thomasville Barrel Maple) and natural maple tall and upper (not shown). As you might be able to see, I chose a Anthracite sink, a black dish washer, and a dark colored kitty. I think they go beautifully together! Okay, the kitty was not my choice -- she chose us like our two other kitties did.

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beachlily z9a

I'm getting Praa Sands too, but my maple cabinets will be a very light amber color. This countertop just drew me to it like a magnet! Husband wanted man-made and I wanted granite. Finding this save me a lot of time a heartache, plus it will take only a week between laying it out and installing. From demo to finished shouldn't be more than 3 weeks.

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Mudworm - are your handles Top Knob Princetonian?

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Sorry, momand3boys, I do not understand the question, so I assume most likely the answer to your question should be "no" even if I did understand.

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Here's Darlington with white shaker cabs and oak floors, but SS appliances and grey-green walls. Unlike oldbat2b we didn't mind the monochromatic look, so went with similar colour porcelain tiles for BS (although that backsplash is stunning).
Whatever you choose, I would totally recommend it (Cambria). I've tested the ^&%% out of it and it still looks great!

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