Scalloped Potatoes - make ahead?

lokuz16April 10, 2009

Can I make scalloped potatoes ahead of time (tomorrow) for Easter Sunday dinner? What is the best way to reheat them?

Thank you!

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I often do. I cover and bake about 325 until heated through. You could also set your casserole in a larger pan with water; cover the casserole and bake until thoroughly heated (check the internal temperature).

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The potatoes need to be cooked or submerged in liquid or they will turn grey....anda fter you have constructed the dish you need to refrigerate it.
Linda C

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Linda, I assumed the poster was reheating a cooked potato casserole. I've never prepared one ahead of time and held it without baking it and refrigerating for the reasons you stated. My misassumption.

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Annie - you were correct. I plan to make and bake them tomorrow and take them with me to a family dinner that is 1.5 hours away on Sunday. I was wondering how to re-heat them once I get there. What are thoughts of reheating them in the microwave? I might have to find a new side dish to take! Thanks!

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To be honest, I'm not that great with a microwave. Even reheating for ourselves, I'd probably make a mess of scalloped potatoes in the microwave. If your hostess has free oven space, you should be fine reheating in a conventional oven. Can you start the reheating process at your home; wrap them in foil and put them into an insulated bag? Then they wouldn't need quite so long in the oven at your destination.
(I'll probably get into all sorts of trouble from the salmonella patrol for that suggestion). Someone here should be able to tell you how to successfully reheat in a microwave.

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Hey Annie! Great idea... (we'll ignore the salmonella police for now, ok?!) I worry, because dinner will probably start shortly after we get there. I wish I had once of those glass pans that has a matching insulated case, but I don't. But I think I should be able to improvise. Thanks for the great suggestion... and Happy Easter!

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Lokuz if you're going to bake them ahead and reheat 'em there I vote for setting them out as soon as you arrive [pending it's not more than 2 hrs to dinner] to let them get toward room temp and then reheat them at 50% to warm. Stuff with fats and dairy tend to separate badly if heated too quickly. Then if possible add them into the oven or broil them to bubble and brown.

Have a great holiday with your family! :)

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Oh and if you're really worried about bombing have a custard cup of shredded cheese and another of green onion rounds [above the white] to sprinkle on the tatoes next to the serving tray and you're golden ;-)

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I don't tend to spend over much time worrying about Salmonella etc, but still, I wouldn't be happy about taking scalloped potatoes warm, on an hour and a half drive, even with a restaurant/catering quality insulated box to keep them truly hot. Without one, I wouldn't even consider it.

I would make them the day before, and take them in a cooler with blue ice the day of...stopping to take them out a half an hour before you arrive as long as the day isn't too hot so they aren't too cold when you get there.

Then, I'd go with sands99 suggestion...heat them slowly in the microwave, and bring some extra cheese and onions and set them into the oven on high for a few minutes before dinner to melt the cheese and get the potatoes bubbling.

I don't mind taking the chill off things in a microwave, if necessary, but I think it does strange things to dairy when used exclusively.

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Yeah, I tried to reheat scalloped potatoes once in the micro & ended up with what looked like cottage cheese...wasn't very appetizing. :( I'd reheat them in the oven.


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You guys are the best! Thank you for all of the great suggestions! I'll let you know how it all came out on Sunday night. Thanks again! LK

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Didn't know you would cook before hand...
Many, many times I have transported quiche. casseroles etc....and the clue is to take that hot casserole out of the oven and put it into a cooler ( why do they call it that? it is also a "hotter"!) Line the cooler with least an inch thick layer then a big towel, your casserole, more towel and more newspaper.
That will be steaming hot for 4 or more hours.
I thought you wanted to cook it on site! !
Linda C

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No problem Linda - thanks for your response! I'm going to be really short on time in the morning, and I didn't think I'd have time to put it all together, thus my "bake ahead of time" idea. Maybe I can still do it all tomorrow, but reheat Sunday morning just before we go, then pack away for the trip. Thanks again everyone! LK

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Well, on Sat I made a fairly large batch. I baked them 30 mins covered and about 30 mins uncovered. I popped them back in the oven yesterday for about 45 mins, packed them in newspaper in box, etc. They were still hot when I got there! (Thanks for that suggestion!) But, they still were not done. Put them back into the oven for another 30 mins. The top was done, the bottom still could have used more time. Lesson I learned: bake all of the way through the day before and reheat the next day. I still received plenty of compliments, but felt bad they weren't done all of the way. Mom used to make these at least once a month when I was growing up, but she's been gone for 18 years now and never tried to maked them before. I will definately do it again! Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions! LK

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