Front Load Vibration Question (Again, sorry)

whistle_gwJanuary 28, 2011

I'm sure this will probably sound like a dumb question. I just purchased a Samsung washer with VRT. My floor structure is a truss so I knew there was a possibility of having some vibration and there is some. Not bad, but when the washer is loaded to the max and at high speed I do get mild vibration. The washer is on pedestals, so I'm wondering if I remove them if that would lessen the vibration. I purchased the set from Best Buy and they will take them back within 30 days.

Thanks for any help.


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We have a Samsung with VRT and have had no vibration issues. However, when we got it I revised the flooring from carpet to tile. I made a double thick floor under the washer and dryer by screwing a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood on top of the Hardy cement backer used for the entire washroom and then putting another piece of Hardy board on top of the plywood and then applying tile. That made the floor very shake proof. It is a frame floor over a crawl space.

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Thanks, nerdyshopper. But back to my original question. Will giving up the pedestals lessen the vibration? And again, it doesn't shake the house like my 2001 Whirlpool Duet did. I'd hate to have Best Buy come out and go through all that hassle if it isn't going to make a difference.

FWIW, so far, I'm loving the machine.

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The place to start is assuring the machine's feet can bear equally on their supports...that is, the floor. The machine's suspension cannot work properly unless that's assured. Could be that your suspended floor may still be an issue but you'll never know until the equal weight-bearing issue is assured. Samsung with VRT very good this way. I would be optimistic.

Easier to accomplish without pedestal but can be done with pedestal with a little more tweaking. Should be done by tweaking the feet when the machiine spins up under load. Usually doesn't take much. Sometimes even 1/8 turn can do the trick.

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Thanks asolo. I did some searching and found that you had written about this earlier. I apologize for not finding it sooner. So, at least I won't be making it any worse by eliminating the pedestals. Right? Sorry for being so "thick headed" about this. I want to make this one work because I like it so far! I really appreciate your expertise!


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"So, at least I won't be making it any worse by eliminating the pedestals. Right? "

Since the pedestals are part of the bearing, taking them away may, indeed, appear to make the problem worse depending on what part they played in the problem. However, eliminating them certainly will make the needed adjustment easier to accomplish. If you do the task without the pedestal and it works, that will certainly answer your question about whether or not the machine with VRT can handle the vibrations on your suspended floor. Assuming it does (and you're game for it) might then add the pedestal back and re-assure equal bearing through it to the floor.

That's a heavy machine and the totality of the job would certainly be a nuisance but if you like the pedestal and the machine proves out on your suspended floor by itself I would certainly be optimistic.

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Thanks again, asolo. I went to Best Buy this morning and made arrangements for them to come remove the pedestals. At least without the pedestals it will be easier for me to tweak the machine when it's loaded. I'll report back in a couple of weeks.


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I have a similar situation to Whistle. After extensive research and getting recommendations from friends (first-hand experience) purchased Samsung 330 washer & dryer. Our laundry room is first floor but is over over a full basement. W & D are adjacent to a wall common to the garage. I knew there would be some vibration. At first, I didn't detect any real problem (i.e. first few loads after delivery/install). However, with today's washings I could detect more 'noise' and vibration. Observing the washer during the rinse (spinning out wash water) and spin cycle, the machine visibly shakes and vibrates. (If you have seen the ad with the still wine glass on the washer....umm, no.) I got a level out; the 'bubble' is centered when the level is placed on each side of the washer (on the top); however, when placed on either the front or back, the bubble is to the right of center. I'm thinking this is the problem. Samsung (live chat) says the bubble does not have to be in the same place...this does not makes sense to me.

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