Electrolux Wave Touch or IQ?

telly1010January 24, 2010

I think I'm focusing in on the Electrolux fl washer and dryer. I'm trying to figure out if the difference between the two models are significant, and worth the extra money. Has anyone looked at these two models...have any opinions on one or the other? thx!


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We looked at them and grilled the salesperson. A few more bells and whistles on the wave, neat digital display. So if you're sticking it in a basement laundry room, go with the iq for everything you need. If it will be visible on a living level, go with the wave for looks.

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They seem to be the same machine mechanically. Your paying for the cool wave touch technology. I have it on my wall oven and it is pretty neat. Like everything, how bad do you want the fancier board?

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I'm surprised the salesperson didn't point out the fact that the Wave touch also offers steam, both on the washer and dryer. Granted it's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra money, but being able to release the wrinkles, odors in your clothes in the dryer - along with breaking up ground in stains for better cleaning in the washer is obviously a difference.

So there you go. Whether you need it or not - it's at least worth mentioning. Both are good machines and I've had good luck with the ones I've sold so hope they work out well for you!

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The only reason I'd vote for the Perfect Steam washer is because the steam option extends these ultra-short wash cycles by 20 minutes. The main wash on Heavy Duty with Heaviest Soil selected is just 21 minutes - that's faster than the Speed Queen front loader. Washing over 20 lbs. of laundry in twenty minutes? Sounds a little too good to be true...


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I have the wave touch control washer & dryer , they truly are amazing .... The wave touch controls hide all the options in the washers memory & not clutter up the front display with a lot of tacky option buttons !! And well worth the morning

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The wave touch version has a higher spin speed and a extra water option to both the wash and rinse. Compare the two different owners manuals

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Would the extra water option on the Wave Touch help with things like bulky items that are pet hair magnets? I have four dogs and a cat and know that my 20 year old Whirlpool's number will soon be up and the low water usage of the HE machines worries me as far as their ability to get rid of dog hair.

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I would think the extra water would indeed help out with removing pet hair. I sure does help in my Wave force washer when it comes to washing comforters and pillows. Pillows come out cleaner in it than in my old FL due to the increased amount of water

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I have used both machines and the cleaning is outstanding.
Steam is not a must for the washer (gimmick), but will get better use in the dryer. The Wave Touch is a little more flexible than the IQ but they both are the same in performances. Little that one knows, the wash cycle can be extended by canceling the cycle and restarting the same cycle without the water being pumped out. But it's not necessary if you using the right amount of detergent and cycle and temperature for the load.

There are little hiccup during the fill cycle that it will dump the detergent from the main into the prewash cycle because it senses that it need more water. To get around this, wait 5 minuets after the prewash start then add the detergent to the main wash dispenser.

Also it is known to see shavings from the gasket. It's normal in my eye because I have over loaded the machine a couple of times. This is not to worry about unless you see shavings in every load which will not happen!

Main Wash dispenser:
Adding Laundry Booster (Clorox 2 Liquid)
Build a dam (Powder detergent) from back to front of main wash dispenser and add Clorox 2 to fill the gap.

Liquid dispenser:
Fill up to low or max line on dispenser draw.
Add Clorox 2.
It will go above the max line but it will not siphon out!

Extra rinse can be added to all cycles and memorized when cycle is used again.

Extra rinse can be used as a separate cycle via spin cycle
or you may want to do a premier rinse using the Casual cycle/light soil/Eco, which is about 25 minuets long.

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