Gas range-slide in or stand alone? Dual Fuel?

msmagooJanuary 22, 2014

In the beginning of a kitchen remodel...we are switching from electric to gas. Questions..there seems to be a huge price difference between the slide in and stand alone ranges. I just can't see paying that much more, we don't have a huge fancy house. Also, KD says I should do dual fuel, I like to bake so I don't know about baking with gas?
Please help..recommendations would be great.

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Annie Deighnaugh

One word: induction.

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I currently have the ge cafe dual fuel. The ovens are really nice. I have only used the probe once or twice but it worked perfectly and the roasts were fabulous. Convection does cook a little faster, but I am more familiar with regular so that is what I use most of the time. I still only cook one sheet of cookies at a time and they cook evenly on regular bake (not convection). I use the range top much more, I rarely bake. The center "griddle burner" is worthless IMO, cant adjust the heat much at all, it appears to only have two outputs, and I dont like either. The dual stacked burner is really great, goes very low and very high, and it is just about the only burner I use. I start everything there and move it to another burner when it is done to cook the next thing. I have a new range coming in a little while, it will be gas top and oven, until it gets here I can't speak to gas ovens. I hear they are very good for roasts, not as desirable for baking. I will have a seperate electric wall oven, so I was ready to give the gas oven a try. I do like the look of the ge cafe, I believe it is considered stand alone, but looks like a slide in. It is not cheap. It is easy to keep clean.
I have never used induction, so cant speak to that. I love a (good) gas rangetop.

Good luck!

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I also have the GE Cafe dual fuel and I love it! I bought it for the clean backless look that you get with a slide in. I don't really see much of a difference between a gas and an electric oven as far as baking is concerned. I on the other hand really like the middle griddle and use it frequently to griddle muffins and warm up rolls. With a slide in the flange will keep crumbs from falling between the range and the counter top, something I am careful to avoid with the freestanding range.

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Another GE Cafe dual fuel owner here. I went from electric range to propane gas range/electric oven and absolutely love it. OOTM must have a different model than mine b/c I don't have the dual stacked burner that she mentions. Mine looks like the one bluetea posted above (I've had mine for 3-4 years so think it was one of the first models introduced in this line). Like bluetea, I also like the center griddle - I use it all the time for my kids - making pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. I've never used it for things like bacon, burgers or greasy things - too messy for me to use the griddle that way.

As for the oven, I do use convection bake and it has worked well for me. I'm not a die hard baker - my 14 y/o likes to bake cookies, cakes, quick breads, etc so that is mainly what we use it for. Nothing fancy. I do use the probe when we bake/roast meats and it has worked perfectly, much more reliable than any of the digital probes I've used over the years. One time, we did a roast using the convection roast feature and I was completely caught off guard when it was ready in about an hour, rather than 2.5 hrs it normally takes me when I just use the "bake" button.

I also confess that I've only ever used the bottom oven once-this past Christmas! Due to lack of storage space, I use that "drawer" to store my cookie sheets, broiler pan, etc. I don't usually need to use two ovens except on holidays, but I also have a convection microwave oven, and a Breville toaster oven, so we've managed with those in the past. However, I figured I should make sure the darn thing actually works, so we tried it at Christmas for a potato casserole dish and it worked great. I've heard it's really only useful for side dishes.

My friend has the GE Cafe all-gas range which is the same exact model as mine, except gas oven rather than electric like mine. She loves it but again, she is just an occasional baker like me.

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I went with the Bosch slide-in dual fuel. I love it, though I really don't bake much. Only thing I don't like - I got the black glass top and it is a bugger to keep clean and also it seems to be a dust magnet.
They do make it with a SS top - I just messed up when I ordered it. But, I would buy it again.
I had a dual fuel in my last house (Thermador) and I liked it too.

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I had the same debate recently. I bake extensively but have baked in gas all my life and, from my reading, current gas ovens are much better than gas ovens of yesteryear. Especially with convection.

I went with a freestanding all-gas range. You just have so many more options this way! The only feature I wanted and didn't get was a probe thermometer, but I have a standalone one I've been using for years so it's no great loss to keep using that instead.

I made a big spreadsheet of all the features I cared about and investigated every gas & dual fuel range I could find and my various criteria ruled out all the duel fuel options.

I like the look of slide-in ranges in an island/peninsula but think they look a little strange against a wall. That said, it would be nice to have that little bit more space for pots & pans.

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Cevamal I think I understand when you say the slide in against a wall looks strange; now that I have this range all the ranges with the backs look strange...big and bulky. I think it is just something you get accustomed to, besides... we spent a lot on the backsplash....I want to see all of it! Lol! Fourkids4us I think this is the stacked burner that OOTM_mom mentioned, it is very versitile going from very high to very low flame. It is my go to burner. I have used the lower oven several times and find that it does not get as hot as the main oven and takes a little longer to bake things. It's great for doing a sheet of rolls when you don't want to heat up the large oven and house!

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I have a slightly different version of the GE Café, but all gas, and with the smaller oven on the top (very narrow kitchen.) I love it. I think the dual burners are power burners - they boil water unbelievably fast. I use the middle griddle burner routinely for French toast, pancakes, quesadillas. Dual fuel didn't seem necessary for my very basic cooking, and it would have required additional electrical work. The nice part about the range is that it is freestanding so it could slide right into the space vacated by my ancient previous range without any modifications, but it looks like a slide-in. I wanted that look after too much time on GW, and the functional features (5 burners, convection, easy access top oven that keeps my narrow aisles clear) made it worth the extra cost. BTW I found mine - a pristine floor model - at a decent discount on Sears Outlet website after a lot of stalking the site.

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We just put in the GE Cafe dual fuel, too. I had no idea that it was such a popular choice. I can't speak to how it cooks because so far all I've done is turned it on and off, but I can tell you that i think it looks great. Without the back it does look different than the conventional old kinds of ranges, but it is so sleek and pretty without all that bulk at the back!
I cook and bake a ton and after learning to cook on all electric and then getting spoiled with all gas, I think that this is definitely the best way to go.

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Wow! I am doing the exact same thing as you right now. I also really like to bake an I'm used to an electric oven. Wanting to move to gas for the cooktop advantage of gas so was really researching dual fuel. That's when I found induction. ( AnnieDeighnaugh is right). Induction gets rave reviews on the cooktop ~ both former gas and electric users would never go back. Plus I won't have to deal with a prophane tank and plumbers bill. I Also am stuck on freestanding or slide in but my thing is I love the look of slide in but don't want to spend the extra money on the slide in plus the extr expense of a filler piece on the back ( $130) or the granite piece there. Still not sure what I'm going to do. Might have to go with freestanding and hope the ugly back piece sticking up won't bother me after awhile because I want to spend that $ somewhere else. My KD just came up with a plan that includes built in bench seating with storage under my bay window. So excited!

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I will probably put my ge cafe dual fuel on craigs list when my new range gets here, not sure where you might be, but it wouldnt hurt to check a craigslist near you.

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Looking at HD and Lowes, they have a GE Profile as well as the GE Café, any one have a Profile? I will admit the slide in does look better.

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I have ordered the GE Profile PGS950SEFSS. Cant' wait until it is installed. I liked the slide-in look better.

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Another satisfied GE Cafe gas (dual fuel) owner and we also went with the Cafe OTR convection / microwave unit. That is our favorite, a microwave you can convection bake at 425 degrees in. WOW.

Some one posted here you can purchase a gap protector thingy to keep crumbs and gunk out of the gap between the range and counters. I had forgotten about it, but will start looking this weekend.

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Are the GE Café ranges slide-ins?

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I have a profile: PGB950DEFWW

It's only been in use for a week but it's seen a lot of use this week! My only issue is user error: my old oven ran really low so I burned my brie en croute. :o

So far it's been excellent.

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I am under the impression that the all gas GE Cafe slide in is free standing and that it doesn't have the lip to cover the space between the cooktop and counter.
I am also looking at the all gas GE Profile slide in which has the side protector lips.
I was told by one salesman that those lips put alot of pressure on the stone counters that could cause them to crack/chip. Has anyone else heard that?

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I have never seen a manufacturer of a slide-in range specify having the top flange bear any weight on countertops. Ever.

Slide-in ranges have adjustable feet to bear their weight. There should be a 32nd of an inch between the flange and the top in my opinion.

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