Can non-Bryant AC partner with Evolution furnace and thermostat?

AlanS2250May 24, 2012

I currently have a Bryant Evolution 95s furnace and the Bryant Evolution thermostat.

I'll be replacing my central air conditoner with one of the following:

- Bryant 186B 16 SEER 2.5 ton 1 stage 1 speed fan

- Heil HXA6 16 SEER 2.5 ton 1 stage 2 speed fan

Because I have an Evolution system must I get a Bryant AC as well?

Are there any downsides/upsides to choosing one of the above over the other given my current setup.


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I believe your thermostat is the same as the Carrier Infinity thermostat in which case the Bryant equivalent (or probably the Carrier 'NIM' itself) of the Carrier SYSTXCCNIM01 'Network Interface Module' will do the job. This device should allow you to install most other brands of HP or A/C with your existing equipment.


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If you got the Bryant 186B condenser with a Bryant coil you would have a matched system. The advantage is you will know the system will be rated for 16 SEER, you won't have to deal with interface modules, and the thermostat can communicate with the condenser. Communication with the condenser will allow you to display the outside temperature and monitor any faults.

If you get the Heil, I assume you will get a Heil coil. The system will be mismatched and you won't have a reliable SEER rating.

I my opinion you should get the Bryant condenser. Is better equipment than the Heil, and will allow you to have nice matched system.

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Ok. So just to clarify. I am already getting a matching coil and compressor.

What I'm hearing is that a Heil compressor with matching coil when paired with a Bryant Evolution Furnace and Evolution thermostat will provide suboptimal cooling/dehumidification, less than rated SEER and won't be able to properly communicate with the thermostat unless I get a NIM as well.

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The Heil coil and condenser may be matched, but it is not a match to the Bryant furnace. The SEER and EER ratings are given for a specific furnace, coil, and condenser. This is what is referred as a match system. You can verify these matches on the AHRI directory web site.

The Heil/Bryant combination will likely have less performance. How much less is unknown. The Bryant furnace and thermostat use a communication channel which is unique to Carrier and Bryant. The network interface module translates the Bryant communication to a standard interface.

What is the price difference between the Bryant and Heil equipment? Would you use the same contractor for either equipment?

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Ah! Ok. Thank you for clarifying. That makes more sense.

I have 2 quotes containing this Bryant model:

1. Bryant - $3900. 2. Bryant - $3400
Heil - $3197

Both contractors have been in business for over 2 decades (contractor #2 since 1930) and have excellent reputations. Contractor #2 wants to steer me toward the Heil because their product support is better in my area and because of the "compressor blanket, integrated diagnostic control, two-speed condensing fan motor for enhanced dumidification, high and low pressure switches and a 5 year No Hassle replacement warranty."

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I find it interesting contractor #2 is suggesting you create a mismatched sytem when he can sell a correctly matched Bryant AC and coil for an extra $200. I don't get a good feeling with this contractor. My advice is spend the extra money and go with the Bryant factory authorized dealer.

Here is a link for reviews of the Heil AC. The link to the Heil No Hassle warranty is broken. I get the feeling there are large loop holes in the warranty and getting a full replace could be difficult.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heil AC reviews

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does bryant evolution have this model # 186ana048 If so, please describe the options or features?

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I believe the correct model number is 186bna048. It is a single stage condenser and is compatible with the Evolution controller. The SEER rating is 15-16 depending which furnace and coil is used. It has built in safety features and is relatively quiet. It is probably the best single stage condenser offered by Bryant.

Start a new thread if you want to continue this discussion.

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