gas vs electric dryer?

wkearney99January 18, 2013

We're building a new house and I've got natural gas service. I'm wondering which is going to give me better drying performance, gas or electric? I can set it up either way. I'm looking for a front-loader setup.

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Gas saves you money in the long run and is a "softer" heat.
Both pretty much dry at the same rate.
If you have a gas outlet, go with gas. It does have to be connected by some one that knows what they're doing.

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If you already have a gas connection, and no investment in an electric dryer to amortize, then the operating cost savings of a gas dryer compared to the energy bill of drying with electric heat will pay back the purchase price of the new dryer fairly quickly.

Pretty much all consumer clothes dryers are front-loading. If you do not keep your laundry room floor clean enough to eat off of, be wise and get a dryer that has a "hamper" door (that is, the door hinges are at the bottom instead of on one side) to catch the wet clothes that inevitably get dropped sometimes as you transfer items from washer to dryer.

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This is a new build. I can put in either or 120/240 electricity. The budget already specs a gas connection and 120vac into the room. Along with an electric water sensor shut-off.

Another factor to consider is we're using geo-thermal HVAC. This means I won't be using much gas, and I believe there are actually minimum consumption numbers for gas service. I need the gas for the range and the barbeque but not for heat and hot water as before. The previous dryer was gas.

The hamper door suggestion is noted. We do keep the floor in front of the units clean, along with a floor-runner patch of carpet. That and I just keep a spare basket down there when moving from washer to dryer. So, I've no worries about wet stuff flopping onto bare, dinghy concrete. The new 2nd floor laundry will be tiled.

So now it's just a question of whose units to consider (or avoid). I'll have to look over other threads for that...

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I LOVE electric! For me, I find it quieter, quicker, more even, and gentler on clothes. We have a very large solar panel the cost if offset for us. But, even when we did not have the solar system, we used electic...since 2001.

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my experience with gas dryer is total opposite of larsi...

With gas dryer the clothes dry quickly (compared to electric).
They have little to no static.
Gas gives it a "gentler" heat so its not rough on clothes.
Energy savings.

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