Ideal sink size for laundry room?

wkearney99January 18, 2013

What's the ideal size for a sink in a 2nd floor laundry room? This is a laundry-only room. There's a utility room in the basement that has it's own sink. So I don't need a bigger sink like that in the laundry room. There's going to be counter in the room so I could go with one that's mountable there. I'm wondering how large it really needs to be for just laundry purposes.

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Personally I couldn't imagine using it for more than rinsing off stains. It depends on your needs, but I would imagine a 24' sink would be more than enough. I looked on Houzz and there are a lot of different sizes shown - most of them are utility size but the smaller ones seem very reasonable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz Sinks

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I have a 24" cabinet with a 20" sink (the inside dimensions are approximately 18"w x 15"d) and it is totally sufficient. I do find myself, however, wanting to have a countertop right next to it. :-)

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Yes, my plan is to put the washer/dryer right next to it. And then mount the sink into a counter top. Either on or below it, haven't decided yet. I'm guessing below as I'd rather have the sink's surfaces available as a scrubbing or crud-collecting area instead of likely more expensive counter material.

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