Do you love your stacked washer/dryer?

localeaterJanuary 13, 2013

I am thinking of changing to a stacked washer and dryer to get more space in my mudroom.
Do you have a model that does a great job and that you love?
Is it difficult to get the laundry out of the dryer? I am not short by any means, but I wonder if I will be able to get that last elusive sock? Will I need a step stool to check if I have stragglers?
Given the below layout, would you stack the laundry or sacrifice the coat closet in order to not stack?
From July 6, 2012

Thanks for your advice and opinions.

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Yes! I made the same decision in our space and I would not sacrifice your closet. I think newer W/D esp HE are very tall and make using a counter above (if you installed one) a challenge. In laws have that set up and it's very awkward. We have Kenmores and replaced our old W/D at different times, so while the models are meant to stack they do not stack on one another (I don't mind that the doors don't match, I'm really the only one who sees them, or notices). We had our counter installer (Ecotop) run the counter above the W. It works perfectly, though the dryer is secured to the wall w/a bracket to avoid movement. I am 5/8" and can easily reach everything in the dryer.

That's my coat closet to the left:

Good luck!

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Roughly how much room do you require for a stackable w/d. Do you find adding the clothes to the washer hard on your back?

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Roughly how much room do you require for a stackable w/d. Do you find adding the clothes to the washer hard on your back?

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Thank you sloane.

renov8r: I am not sure if your question was for me, or if I understand it. My washer is not currently stacked, it sits on the floor. If I stack the dryer on top it will still be on the floor- so no difference for my back. BTW I dont bend over, I squat- better to work the glutes and quads!

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Sloan529, *that* is a fantastic way to do a stacked pair. The dryer does not have to be dismounted for servicing the washer. Traditional stack sets are a huge pain for servicers.

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What, if anything, did you do to the counter in-between to handle the added load and vibration the dryer is going to cause? Otherwise, yeah, looks like a clever way to allow access to the washer without unstacking the dryer. Or being able to replace one or the other in the event of failure.

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I had Maytag Neptune stacked unit at my last house and I loved it... left it when we sold the house, I wish I could of used it here...

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I must say it's pretty much love for me with my new stacked Speed Queen (purchased and used since May 2012). Its simplicity, reliability and speed is enduring to me. It's stacked in a closet on a wood floor and doesn't walk the floor. Some vibration but not overbearing. Prior to the SQ I too had a stacked Neptune-12 years and it was still going in spite of bad bearings when it was taken through the door. GL.

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Getting stuff out of the dryer has never been a problem. I'm 5'11" and the center of the dryer door is at eye level. I just reach in and pull everything out.

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When we bought our current house, it was shown floor-standing washer and dryer in an alcove by the back door to the back deck. PO took her appliances with her.

The alcove was big enough for just 2 items. But there was no utility sink anywhere in the house. Obvious solution--a stacked w & d would give me space to have a sink installed.

I LOVE the stacked unit. I'm 5'6" and don't find the washer too low, or the dryer too high. And the fact that in my case they're convenient to the line I have strung on the deck is a huge plus. Having moved from a house where the laundryroom was in the basement, and the bedrooms on the second floor, I discovered something. I LOVE doing laundry--what I hated about it in the other house was the constant lugging loads up and down several flights of stairs.

If a stacked pair works for you, it can be a real space saver. I have a suggestion--if you have a friend with a stacked set, why not ask if you could come over and do a couple of loads, just to get the feel of it. And DO make sure you get all the specs before committing to buying the set. You have to have the right outlets in the right places--and if needed, it's better to have the electrical work done before the set's delivered (they didn't tell me the dryer only came with a 4' cord when I bought--so my poor electrician had to work around the already delivered washer and dryer to move the outlet up about 6 feet from where it had been previously.

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Thanks all for your feedback. We are not starting our project until the spring at the earliest so I have time to mull. My current set can be stacked, or since they are 10 years old, I could get a new stackable set figuring they will give out soon.
I have an option to move the laundry up to the second floor, where the bedrooms are, that I am also investigating but I think that makes the project costs out of reach.

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We inherited a stacked system when we bought our house. Oh, how I hated that washer and dryer. I found it very hard to get everything out of the dryer (I'm 5'2") and for some reason I found the motion of moving clothing up (vs. to the side in a traditional setup) to be really hard on the shoulders. I should add, however, that this was 11 years ago and I think the set had a few years on it before then, so the situation has probably improved since then.

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I'm 4'11 and remember using stacked washers and dryers in college. Not fun. I couldn't see anything so I just had to 'feel around.' Luckily my boyfriend and now husband is 6'.

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