New Concentrated Tide HE and Gain HE Powders

happymomof2kidsJanuary 20, 2011

P&G are going to be concentrating ALL of their powders. Some of you may already know this. However, they have added new powders to the mix. There will now be Tide HE powders in additional scents with Clean Breeze and also Bleach Alternative. Gain will now have HE powders in additional scents with Island Fresh and Lavendar.

The change is suppose to take effect towards the end of February. The change may be longer depending on the region in which you live. You can preorder some of the new options at Just search under "name brand" powder laundry detergent. It will take a lil but you will find them. Make sure description matches pic. I noticed some didn't and you do not want to order the wrong type of detergent.

Also keep an eye out on your local stores. Many will start selling the current powders on sale to get rid of old stock to make room for the new formulas. Sales are gooooood.

I have been happy with the Sears, but I may just try the new ones coming out to see what happens. If I do, I'll let you all know what I thought of them.

Happy Washing!!! :D

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Thanks for this info. I wonder if I will be able to finally use Tide he Powder, without it leaving a horrible white, powdery coating on the inside of my stainless wash drum? Something with the fillers Tide powder uses and my water chemistry leaves my Miele wash drum a mess!!!

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I know Tide has a non HE powder in lavender which I cant use :( I hope it comes in the HE formula soon. I would like to see powders make a comback in the states

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We just purchased two boxes of Tide HE from for our new LG Washer. Hope it works as well the regular Tide that we are use to.

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would be nice if they came out with an HE Powder version of Cheer too.

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I'm going to stock up on the old formula Tide with bleach that CR rated the best of all detergents tested before they mess up the formula to comply with some newly expected regulations. I've seen enough of those kinds of "improved" versions.

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It is funny you mentioned the Cheer being offered in an HE powder form. I actually wrote to them about it. The reply I recieved was if more people write to them asking for an HE powder form of Cheer, the more likely they will provide it.

I guess that is what happened with the Tide and Gain. Many people wrote requestiong other scents and advantages in the HE detergents for those, so they were provided in the concentrated forms coming out.

I remember the Cheer powder was one of the few I could use back in the day that didn't break my lil ones out. I've been using the Sears Ultra plus and that has worked out well, but I like to have

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I am SO glad to hear Tide HE powder with Bleach Alternative will soon be available; I'm one who e-mailed them about it. If it's as effective as the regular Tide powder with bleach, I'll be a very happy camper.

BTW -- at one time Amazon actually offered Tide HE powder with Bleach Alternative; I don't know if that was a typo, or not. I saw it there a time or two; about the time I gave up trying to find it on local store shelves, Amazon said they were 'out of stock'.

I too would like to see Cheer HE powder -- and Woolite HE for Darks, though I realize that's another company.

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I just emailed them!!!

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I was at a local Walmart today, cruised down the detergent aisle just to see what was on the shelves -- and I didn't see ONE box of powder detergent, regular or HE! Every single detergent was liquid.

Has anyone else seen this at a Walmart store? I was totally flabbergasted. I hope this is not a precursor of things to come.

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There actually is a Woolite HE for darks. I have seen it at a few of my local stores and I know it is available online. You can find it online at

As for the powders, HE and regular, my local Walmart still has them, but a lot of the powders have been on sale around me lately so the stock is limited. On top of that, with the economy being as it is, I know a lot of people who have switched to powders as you get more uses per load which saves money. The big brand liquids where I live don't move unless they are on sale. Otherwise, people have been buying the value brand liquids or the big name powders. Did they just have a sale on the powders? They may have just sold out the old stock to make way for the new and are just keeping liquids on hand till then.

I hope your area has not elected to rob you of the powders. That would be awful. I hope they get them back in stock for you soon.

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Plenty of places sell all the products mentioned. Some are cheaper with free shipping and take coupons from the manufacturer.

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Happymom, thanks for the link! I've kept my eyes open, but I haven't seen the Woolite for Darks in an HE formula at any store in this area.

It seems that the big stores here -- warehouse stores, Walmart, and Target -- are mainly stocking HE liquids, although this is the first time I've ever seen nothing BUT liquids available at a store.

The great majority of sales are for liquids too -- occasionally I see powder detergent on sale.

Area grocery stores carry more powders than the big stores -- BUT most of those powders are not HE. And they are much more expensive than the detergents at the big stores.

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I read on the tide website on the ingredients of the regular powered detergents. Recently, it was made known on this site that the non HE tide with bleach had a suds surpresser in it. After reviewing some of other scents of the Non HE formula's, come to find out they all use silicone as a suds repressor. I tried last month the tide with bleach, non HE in my front loader and had great results with cleaning, rinsing, and little or no suds. I also used it in my new wave force washer with the same results. This morning, I bought the Non HE Tide, lavender scent and I am currently using it in my machine on some flannel PJ's. I got some suds at first, but they disapeared shortly after the wash cycle continued. This may be due to the fact that I have very hard water, I dont honestly know. I have used Gain HE lavender in my washers got great cleaning results, but the tide smells better. Yes it is a stronger scent too IMOP, but scents dont bother me unless I dont like the smell at any strength. It seems like no matter what scent you like in P&G products, the powders always smell better. I like Tide total care too, smellining it out of the bottle is not so hot. Once used, it is completely different. You will have to form your own opinion on that one ladys and gents.

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I received a reply. The reply simply stated they valued customers input and would pass along my suggestion to product developers. They were always trying to listen to consumers.

I wish more people would "wake up" to the fact powders are less per use than liquids. One of many reasons why I dislike liquids.

And yes the Target and WalMart around here is basically liquid detergents. My grocery store isn't much better.

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Target seems to be having a sale on Tide HE for a while. I had been using Arm and Hammer liquid non-he on our f/l Duet with no problems. BUT, the wife loves the smell of Tide HE. If I catch it on sale, I buy it, but if not, I use the AH and take the beating from the wife. I feel like the clothes going through old style wringer listening to her about Tide laundry soap.

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AH detergent is a low sudings product ot begin with, so it will work in a HE washer. Ive used it and it works okay, but I found better stuff out there, and yes Tide is one of them

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Yesterday, I spotted the new, more concentrated P&G Tide and Gain at the store. There were regular Tide and Gain "he". There were different formulas of non "he" Tide and Gain. They had the 40, 80, 120 load boxes for Tide and 40 and 80 load boxes for Gain. I am sure that there will be more sizes and formulas available later.

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I saw a box of "Tide HE Powder with Bleach" today at the grocery store and it's not even on the Tide website.

You would think that a company the size of P&G would be more organized.

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Holy cow, that's a lot of choice!

All those MBAs at P&G and someone forgot to coordinate with Online. Their product roll-out timeline is usually painstakingly thorough. Maybe that HE with bleach is a pilot/test?

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I've been to TWO Targets this weekend, and there is NOT one box of powdered detergent. I guess they are getting ready for the "new & improved" varieties! Just looked so weird, with zero powder choices. I asked a worker there (who was dumber than a box of rocks!!) and he said he had no idea, but then said: "Who uses powder detergent anyways? That's like my grandma's time or something"! LOL

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LOL larsi, that's funny, but actually it's pretty true.

Walmart is a store that values its shelf space. If it's not producing profit, the product mix is changed. Not all Walmarts will carry the same product mix either since some things sell well enough in one area to justify keeping it where others it won't. Few grocery stores here carry much powder at all. Many carry none. I was surprised to see Home Depot start carrying Ariel about 6 months ago. First I've seen it in this area.

Mara, FYI Woolite and Cheer are both P&G products.

Cheer Free has been used by a lot of people at least who used to hang around the forum and found it to be a very effective and low-sudsing product. They highly recommended it for FLs. A detergent does not have to have an HE symbol on it to be used in an HE machine. Actually, many detergents have been "HE compatible" and not true HE detergents, for example Charlie's Soap.

I suspect that part of the issue of not updating the website is that they'll wait until it's rolled out. As I recall the liquid compaction conversion, the country was divided into something like 5 zones and introduced over the course of something like a year. It could be a similar situation here.

I don't know how people keep saying powders are so much cheaper than liquids. The cheapest powder I've found that works acceptably is much more than the liquids I've bought. Let's see, I've bought Tide for 36â per 32 load bottle, ProWash paid me 75â to buy it, A&H was free, Xtra 32 load was $1.75, and I just bought 110 load Ajax for $5 and 150 oz Era for less than $7. A 40 load Great Value powder cost me something like $10 last time I bought it and it's not performing as well as the other detergents unless I use additives so I won't be bothering with it anymore.

And yes, I probably have 2-3 years worth of detergent so I won't be buying any more. Just hope my washer keeps a chugging away!

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Oops, correction. Meant to say Cheer is P&G, Woolite is by Reckitt Benckiser. Should have proofed after answering the door... distractions, distractions.... But was going to say Woolite does make a "darks" version. Seemed to disappear for a while but I've seen it on the shelves again lately.

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The Targets in my area have a limited section of powdered detergents, but they are not in the same isle as the liquid detergents. I think HE powdered detergents would be more popular than they are as it is recommended in a HE washer when you use a prewash/presoak or delayed washing cycle.

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