lint on a 100% polyester blanket

ann0119January 31, 2012

I washed a polyester fleece blanket with a 100% cotton thermal blanket and the lint on the polyester blanket is incredible. There is too much to "pick" it off, but I have to do something or throw the blanket away. I really need someway to save the blanket. I think its the cause of lint on dark clothes, but I also have two fleece throws and a fleece bathrobe. I sure hope someone can help. Thank You.

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Try using a hairbrush, pet hair roller, etc. to remove the lint.

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I read that cotton items produce lint in the washing machine while polyester items pick it up. Much like you've discovered :(

They should have been washed separately.

The only thing I can suggest is a fabric shaver. I've used it for pilled things. Not sure how it would do with lint.

Here is a link to just one but if you Google fabric shaver you'll get more options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric Shaver

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