After Years of Tide...

OneBigMessJanuary 31, 2013

And reading all about the cool detergents you guys have (Persil,Ariel,Vaska) I wanted to try a imported detergent myself.

So.. while I was at Walmart, I found a 2kg bag of Foca Powder for 3 dollars and some change, and grabbed it.

Yesderday, I finally did the first load. Honestly, I didn't know how much to use, or really what I was doing. However, at the suggestions of a previous member here I ended up using 3 Tablespoons, and using no fabric softener.

Well.. I was so nervous, I kept checking up on the Washer like every 10 minutes, and there was very little sudsing whatsoever.

But, from another suggestion from this ever so helpful forum, I hit the "Pause" Button and felt the water. It was very slimy, which I think means, the detergent softened the water well enough, that it was good for cleaning.

Finally, from what felt like forever (I was so anxious, lol) My front loader, played it's little ringtone sounding tone, saying, "It's finally done" :)

I opened the door, and everything was just Clean. I can't really say though, how well the detergent was at stain removal because our clothing wasn't really stained to begin with. However, the clothes felt soft, and I could tell that the detergent was well rinsed out.

Now, I have some questions.

Should there have been more sudsing going on? I mean, there were some slight bubbles, that would run down on the glass of the door, however, I didn't really see anything in the Tub.

I did have a medium size load though, with some Towels, and Clothes. So I think that may have been the reason I didn't see much.

Considering the water is pretty slimy already, would adding STPP make much of a difference? The bag of Foca I'm using is "Phosphate Free", however, I think it's doing well in the washer itself. But, if I can get better results, I'll add it.

Do any of you think, I should just keep using the Tide? I have a very large supply of it, and I know it works pretty well. I guess I'm just curious, to see if there is anything else better.

This weekend, I'm going to be near a Mexican Grocery Store, and will probably be able to pick up some Arial. I'm very excited :)

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Read up on Foca at the following link which is a real persons review.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foca Review

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Um.. I am a real person.

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@onebigmess - I think they mean a real person as opposed to a review that is paid advertising-in-sheep's-clothing.

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I gave up Tide and all other "non-green" detergents more than 3 years ago. I experimented with different "green" detergents and (so far) I like Charlie's Soap the best. Nellie's Soda is good too. Planet was good for washing diapers but it does not get the stains out as well as CS. I didn't like Seventh Generation but cannot remember why. And some of the other ones advertized as all natural turned out not so natural after all.

That being said, I know that "green" detergents are not very good at removing stains in general. I have to pre-treat the clothes or soak them in Oxiclean. It is an inconvenience but I am willing to pay the price. :-)

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@ Eleena, you also have to pre-treat stains when using Tide. There is no detergent that I know of that will remove stains without pre-treating, green or otherwise.

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Well, I constantly complain about DD's stained clothes (despite religiously pre-treating and soaking them for hours) but her little friend's mom says she has no problems, all the stains come out. I can ask her what detergent she is using but I can bet money it won't be "green". :-)

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