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GreenKaranMay 19, 2011


I live in Nj and have had a new Carrier Infinity (24ANA136) 3 ton installed. I was quoted $10,400 for the above unit plus matching CNPVP4221 (airhandler/coil) and 58MVC080 Infinity Furnace.

Also included in the price was Infinity control and Aprilaire 600 Humidifier.

I now found that instead of CNPVP4221, they have installed a CNPVP4821 !! What could be reason? Am I going to lose the high efficiency that I paid for?

They sent me the Certification statement from Carrier for tax credit but it shows the matching indoor model 4221!!

What should I do now. Please advise.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the upgrade. Looks like they went with a larger evaporator coil, which is a good thing. When contractors quote a system to the customer, even if they have their most recent information on that product, sizes of parts could change. Then when they actually order the equipment or call their supplier to get it ordered, they find that particular combination of equipment might change slightly in order to meet the listed efficiency.

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Both coils are AHRI matches.

Both have excellent performance/eff numbers.

Not to fret. May have been just an issue of coil availability. In fact, the larger coil gives you more cooling BTUs.

3549040 Active Systems INFINITY 21 PURON AC CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 24ANA136A32 CNPV*4221A**+UI 58MV(B,C)080-20 36800 13.50 18.50 1

3859585 Active Systems INFINITY 21 PURON AC CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 24ANA136A32 CNPV*4821A** 58MV(B,C)080-20 37400 13.50 18.20 1


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I have a similar arrangement. I have the Carrier 24ANA736 with the CNPV4821. It works great for humidity removal.

You are fine as long as it is an approved match.

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Thank you all. Now I can relax and enjoy my new System! The Manufacturer's Certification that they sent was the one that made me uncomfortable. I thought I had a mismatched unit!!
I did not want to confront them before knowing the truth because I did not want to ruin the relationship.

Again, thank you to ALL, especially to IMO(tigerdunes) for giving me the exact AHRI #.


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