Ventless/Condenser dryer and washer recommendations?

taeelJanuary 27, 2012

I need to get a small washer and dryer, and it must be ventless.

Seems like the options are:

- GE

- LG

- Bosch

- Miele

- Asko

Of those, reviews seem very mixed on LG and Bosch quality. Miele is $$$. I can't find any reviews of the GE or Asko machines.

Any recommendations?

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I have an LG unit. Works great. Whatcha want to know?

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I have had ASKO machines for nearly two decades (including a condenser dryer.) I like the washer much better than the dryer, however it's not the dryer's fault because I simply adore the washer but am just quite satisfied with the dryer.


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Forgot to add the only feature that I would prefer on the dryer is one with intermittent reversing action. Wasn't available back when I purchased my machines, but I would go to some effort to get one with it now. (At least I think so!)

Also, isn't ASKO one of the few brands left with 220V washing machines? That is really important, IMO. And since you'll need 220V for the electric condenser dryer it won't add to your installation cost (washer and dryer can be interconnected needing only one wall outlet) and it will provide far superior cleaning. ASKO machines also need only cold water supply as they heat their own water.

If it was a necessary choice, 220V washers would trump reverse tumble drying, at least for me. How's that for inconsistency?


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Thanks to you both. Will look into Asko. As for LG, I was all ready to buy this set but then noticed all the comments about how much they break down and how bad customer service is.

Scotkight - have you had any issues? We'd probably use these machines a lot.

And Liriodendron - I think there's already a 220V hook up in there but no idea what that really means in terms of washer/dryer performance. This will be the first time in my life I own a washer and dryer. :)

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Mine has a bare squeek from the rubber surround. It is annoying but you can only hear it when the unit just starts to spin.

Otherwise it has been solid. You have to be aware it will take time to run a cycle but then again it is DONE when you come back. My experience shows it takes less time than a regular washer/dryer because I always forget to put stuff in the dryer....

Only thing that is an issue is that it cant really do a large quilt well. It washes fine, but won't get dry. Have to hang that up. Clothing, sheets, regular blankets etc are all great.

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