Washer and dryer recommendations

hedgehoggyJanuary 24, 2012

We currently have a front loading Whirlpool duet washer and dryer and I am not too impressed with them as I find that they are terrible at removing animal hair (my old Fridgedaire set always got rid of animal hair). I am looking for reccomendations for washers and dryers for our new house. Also, wondering how the new top loading washers are.


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My two cents...

The only HE top load I would consider is the LG WaveForce (it uses more water than the typical top load HE models and clothes actually move in the tub).

I lean toward Electrolux for a front loader.

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Please stay away from LG. Less than a year ago, we bough a Wave Force top loader. It worked fine up until 3 weeks ago - horrible metal against metal sound, uneven load warning and eventually both computer panels failing - in one load. Three weeks later, three trips by technicians, several trips to the laundromat - and it is still not fixed.

The bolt on the underside that holds everything together was not tightened properly FROM THE FACTORY - two technicians told us. But, LG will not replace this machine, nor will they return our money. We have had nothing but awful experiences with customer service.

My advice: buy a front loader and BUY LOCAL. We bought all of our kitchen appliances from a local, independent store a few miles away. Last year, my husband thought that a big box store was having a great deal on this washer, so I guess you could say it was an impulse buy. Regretting not buying it from our local store - who carries parts in their shop and would have had a technician at our house within a day or two. (Unfortunately we cannot have a front loader due to our tiny laundry room.)

I am going to write a thread about my experience soon in hopes that others will avoid this experience and not be without a washing machine for almost a month.

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berryfarm: "LG will not replace this machine, nor will they return our money. We have had nothing but awful experiences with customer service."

Welcome to The LG Experience.

LG makes some very good appliances. The hardware is well-designed, and generally well-made. However, when there is a problem -- and no production line has perfect 100 percent quality control -- if your defective product is LG, you're on your own. Among firms with which I have had personal dealings, since the demise of Railway Express, there has not been a firm less interested in customer satisfaction than LG.

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My recommendation, based on my experience, is Maytag Bravos. We have a golden retriever who sheds hair constantly, I wash the bedding weekly, and have never had a problem. My Bravos model number is 875, it has an internal water heater (which is very important to me), but I don't think that particular model is made anymore.

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So far our LG WT5101H Wave Force has been excellent in every way so don't know anything about the repair situation.

But I do know that most if not ALL companies today flat suck as far as repairs, so don't think you will get around that by getting any other brand. If you get a lemon from ANYBODY you are probably going to have a problem getting satisfactory repairs done.

At this point (only been 4 months) if I had a do over I would buy the exact same Washer & Dyer we bought.

They both work excellent and seem to be very well made.

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Also in "general" you are better off getting a top loader.
In general they have less problems, far less mold issues, far less bearing issues and no door seal issues.
Usually will last longer, cost less initially and cost less to repair down the road.
The only advantage of a front loader is in very tight spaces you can stack them.

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Hedgehoggy - I have no experience with he TL but my sister and parents both have purchased and returned a set, different models, and are now happy with their FLs. As for pet hair the problem is the low water levels. If I don't do a water plus rinse the hair gets layered around the door and seal during the wash.

I think the big thing if you are concerned about service on the machine you buy us to purchase from a reputable dealer. You may pay more for the machine than you would at the big box stores but I find the local dealers worry more about service and reputation.

Even if it was proven that he FL had more issues or less longevity than he TL I would still buy another FL. They clean that well and are really gentle on clothing.

As for LG, I haven't had any issues with mine in the 7 years I've had the washer so I can't speak to service issues. I am currently browsing for a second w&d set and I will tell you that if you want hot washes look carefully. A sanitize cycle is only effective if it will hold temp for a minimum of 10 minutes. Despite sales people claims, few manufacturers are claiming their machines will do this.

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