41/2 year old cabrio agi F1 code for months

lulundaveJanuary 5, 2012

Haven't posted in a while as things were going smoothly following the big shaft replacement.

We now have the F1 code. It have been displaying itself every 6 or 7 wash loads. We could usually pause it and then press start and it would work again. Last night pause and start 3 times in a row did not work. Unplugged machine and put it on rinse and drain cycle, it worked.

Looking at purchasing a large capacity top loader without the computerized gadgets if this is a costly repair.

Although this has been a pain the the butt washer there are several features I will miss.

Large capacity, spin speed, cleaning performance, never clunks when unbalanced, non HE soap needed.

I will not miss,

Long wash times, locking lid, inability to change anything about the cycle once youve pushed start.

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Your only reasonable choice for a non-electronic large-capacity toploader is Speed Queen. All the others have various cripples, such as only 1/4 fill level for rinsing even on a large wash load. Speed Queens are running with slightly reduced water levels for maximum fill but the rinse level is still the same as wash far as I know.

Really ... agitator toploaders are well on their way to oblivion.

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I have looked into Speed Queens and they are not available in the part of Canada I am from.
It is a shame that top loaders are on their way out. After using my sister in laws Frigidaire FL for 2 weeks while on vacation I decided that I would never own one. The smell of the clothing if left in the washer for 30 minutes or so was terrible. Musty.
On a good note after looking this up on line several people have had the same problem. These people recently phoned Whirlpool and had a new computer module installed free. So, I thought, what the heck, after speaking to several Whirlpool people in Canada and USA I finally had them agree to send me out a tech to repair for free, parts and labour.

So, we will hobble along until the next ordeal. Then I'll look at top loaders and hopefully find one before they are gone!

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I believe Speed Queen is sold under the name Huebsch in Canada?

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