Replace A/C compressor/coil only or gas furnace too

whk808May 3, 2012

Both of my A/C units are low on R-22. Service tech recommended replacing (units were orig. to home built in 1998).

I live in Northern VA (outside DC). 2 story colonial (approx 3000 sq ft + finished basement).

System #1 (1st floor & basement)

Bryant A/C 561CJX036-D

Bryant Gas Furnace 383KAV036070

System #2 (2nd floor - unit in attic)

Bryant A/C 561CJO018-C

Bryant Gas Furnace 376CAV024050

My question is: should I replace the furnace(s) as well as the compressor(s) & coil(s). The furnaces work fine right now.

I am just getting started w/finding a contractor.

Any recommendations for installers would be greatly appreciated - particularily any who perform load calculations.


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In case it matters -

System #1 Evap Coil - CK5AXA036000AAAA

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There are a few points to consider. You save some money on labor by changing out all the equipment at the same time. If you change the furnaces later, then you may have to disconnect the coils from the furnace. This adds additional labor and refrigerant charges. Depending on how many years it is from now, you may not be able to find an AHRI approved match with the new furnace and the condensers you are putting in now.

If you keep the current furnaces then you are restricted to getting single stage AC condensers. A 2-stage condenser will require a variable speed furnace.

Finally some manufacturers offer better rebates when you purchase the furnace and AC at the same time. In addition if you move up to 95%+ efficiency furnace you may qualify for a local utility rebate. The sum of these additional rebates help offset the cost of the furnaces.

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Invest in new equipment and ensure your equipment will be matched correctly. R410a is the way to go right now.

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