Help: Need Washer / Dryer for 2nd floor

ras9999January 30, 2011

Was going to buy a Bosch Vision 500 or 800 series Washer/Dryer (front loading) for our 2nd floor laundry room. My friend just told me Bosch just announce discontinue for there main line after Sept 2011.

We have 2nd floor laundry and need something that is good with noise and is a little safe/water-prevention since its on 2nd floor and builder did not put a drain on the floor.

Any advice on something solid ?

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Well a Bosch will probably not do well on a second floor installation, Bosch has a pretty basic suspension system, at least the nexxt series did, I believe the vision series is just a prettied up nexxt. We got rid of our 500 nexxt series due to severe vibration and walking and this was in a concrete basement, we tried everything to fix this issue for 2 years, and finally just bought the LG Waveforce. No more vibration and walking issues. Since you want a water protection pan and stop leak system I believe the Bosch is the only one to have this. They do make catch pans that go under washing machines and since you already have a water and drain hookup there maybe a plumber can help you come up with a solution here. If you are installing on a 2nd floor I would get a machine that has an active anti vibration system like Samsungs VRT or LG's Anti Vibration Technology. Other brands may have there own methods as well. Hope this helps.

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