Carrier Split system not cooling good

larrylwillMay 25, 2011

I have a carrier 2 stage variable speed blower 4 ton heat pump, its 10 years old and the warentee just ran out. Last year they had to solder a small tube in the compressor housing. The year before they had to replace a relay, also last year the 2x4 that was holding the condenser off the ground broke due to rot.

Yesterday I noticed it wasn't cooling good and I measured the in temp vrs the out temp and it was running 5-7 degrees. I called the company and they put a gauge on and added some freon and said the Expansion valve is bad. $800 to replace. After he left I took a look and saw the tubes to it were frosted up and some of the A coil tubes at the ends were frosted up. I beat on the valve a bit and after letting it thaw overnight I am getting 10-12 degree temp diff but the thing has not shut off since I turned it on it, just keeps even at 80 degrees inside, outside it was 90. Right now its 79 outside and 78 inside and has been running full boar since 3pm when I turned it on. Normally it would run for 10-15 minuets and shut off throughout the day.

Is this typically what happens if the TXV goes bad?

I found another company that will replace it for $400, since the system is 10 years old I am looking at new ones. The best bang for the buck seems to be a Goodman 14 seer with duel stage compressor and variable speed at $3200 shipped. Goodman seems to be in the middle of the pack as to complaints.

any comments on new Goodman heat pumps

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a 2 x 4 as a condenser pad? what kind of nonsense is that.

post mdl nember of outside condenser and inside air handler.

just from a distance, I think you need another opinion from an HVAC pro-preferably a Carrier dealer before I would give up on your system.


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