Spanish Tortilla on new dinnerware

publickmanApril 5, 2014

I made a Spanish Tortilla for breakfast this morning because we were out of bread (I forgot to make it last night), but this is a really easy recipe, and I don't know why I do not make it more often. In addition to potatoes and eggs, mine has onion, sweet chilies, jalapenos, extra sharp Cheddar, and Jarlsberg cheese. I use my 1980s Wagner cast iron skillet to make it, and this time I decided to turn the tortilla out onto a board instead of a plate, and this was a better idea. Then when I served it, I could turn it right side up again.

I served it on the new plates that I bought last week-end, which are rectangular and quite large, and so the serving looks small. While I like the look of the plates, they may take getting used to, and they will not fit in the microwave, as they are 15" on the diagonal (9" x 12" rectangular). We haven't used the new bowls or mugs yet either.

I think DB set the tableware backwards (although I personally do not care), and the photo is of his plate. The photos of mine came out blurry - I think I may need a new camera, as the image stabilizer sometimes does not work.

Annie, do you use your cast iron skillet to make Spanish tortillas? Some people use cake pans.


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Lars, that looks delicious. I do usually make frittata or Spanish Tortilla in the cast iron, it's easy to sauté ingredients, add eggs and stick it all into the oven to finish.

I like the plates but you are right, 15 inches on the diagonal is a BIG plate.

The tableware seems right to me. I was always taught that the fork(s) went on the left and the knife and spoon(s) are on the right. I always put napkins on the right, though, I don't know why.


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I use cast iron too, and agree that it's something that should be made more frequently! :)

Lars, your description of the plate size/shape and fact that it won't fit in the microwave really had me turned off, but those plates are GORGEOUS! I would try some red salsa on that. :)

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I like the plate too! And I like how the story changes depending on which way it faces. And the food is pretty, too, of course. :)

In my milieu, forks and napkin go on the left, knife(s) goes on the right with the blade toward the plate, with spoons on the outside of that, specialty flatware, like fish forks or snail grippers can go parallel to the to the table edge, above the plate, bread plate on the left, beside the fork (or above if there's no room), water glass above the knife with wine glass(es) to the right of it. The general rules are first used on the outside/most basic on the inside. Therefore, a fruit fork which is used after the big fork could arguably go outside of it, but if you're serving people who are unsure of what the flatware is for, especially when there might be two of equal size for different courses, it's good to follow the order of service rule, or bring out the pieces that would be inside of the main course implements after the main has been served.

So leave aside all that very formal folderol, and be happy to have a nice DB who sets the table with your pretty new dishes and makes it look neat and attractive, rather than just plunked down. :) SO many men don't even get the point! (Probably women too, I just know the men...)

Re dishes in the microwave, I get the convenience of just using the dish (especially because most everything I microwave just needs a little fast heating), but it can also cause microcracks because of the uneven heating. When I complained of that, I received a gift of some open stock pieces of plain white Corelle. Some small plates and a couple of small bowls. They're lightweight and a lot easier than getting out MW pots, they work as dishes for snacks, the food is easily transferred to a pretty plate, and they don't take up much space in the dishwasher.

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I always put the napkin on the left and the knife on the right, but if there is no knife, then the fork goes on the right, since there is no need to pick up the fork with the left hand. That's what I was taught, but perhaps it is just a Texas tradition - I learned it when I was in 4-H. Of course this is more common when serving desserts, but I often serve meals where no knife is needed, although sometimes I set knives out anyway, just for balance! I think napkins can go on either side, and it's all about what makes more sense. I have enough silverware to set elaborate tables (along with linen tablecloths that I never use), but I hope to start using the silverware more. I inherited it from my mother.

I do really like the plates and was surprised at how photogenic they are, but they do look better when food is not in the way. Yesterday evening we had blackened catfish, mushroom rice, and broccoli, and most of the plate got covered up.


Here is a link that might be useful: dessert place setting

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Ah, yes, Lars, I understand about the dessert place setting. :) And I agree very much about doing whatever makes sense, especially when you're not putting out full settings. I was just going the long way through how impressed I was that DB cared enough to make the setting look nice. Everything in the picture of his setting is nicely spaced and lined. Unlike the dessert plate in the linked blog which is about 18 degrees off axis. :)

Re covering up the beauty with food, is that what making all gone is for? (ROTFLSMK)

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Looking good! And tasty. Share please? I'm not too far away. Who am I kidding? I've driven from CA to TN. It's freakin' far! But a beautiful drive and swimming on a warm summer night in the desert is memorable. Yea for Arizona! Great place to visit.

Here is a link that might be useful: standard place settings (I agree!)

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I made the tortilla with five red potatoes that I cut in half lengthwise and then sliced about 1/4" (or less) thick. I sauteed those in plain olive oil for about 5 minutes, or until they just barely began to get soft. I kept them covered most of the time and only stirred them a few times, adding a small amount of salt. Then I put the potatoes in a Pyrex bowl and microwaved them for a couple of minutes or so, to continue the cooking a bit.

Next I sauteed a small onion, one jalapeno, and 2-3 mild small ripe chilies (the kind that they sell in bulk bags) in the same pan, adding a bit more oil, as needed. I found that the potatoes left a fair amount of oil in the skillet after I removed them. When the onions were about to get soft, I transferred them with the chilies to the bowl with the potatoes, and stirred them together. Then I poured half of that mixture back into the skillet, topped it with grated cheese (cheddar & Jarlsberg), added another layer of potatoes, and the rest of the cheese on top of that. I used about 5 ounces of cheese total.

Next I beat four eggs with 1/2 tsp salt and 1-1/2 tbsp of water, and poured that mixture over the potato-cheese layers and tilted the pan to get the eggs to go all the way through. I probably could have used 5 eggs, but it did okay with four.

Then I baked the pan for 35 minutes uncovered at 350 degrees, not allowing the top to get brown.

To unmold, I ran a bread knife around the edge of the pan, covered the pan with a wooden chopping board, and flipped it over. After banging the pan a couple of times, it unmolded fairly nicely, and I replaced waterever fragments had stuck to the bottom of the pan.

To serve, I cut the tortilla into four wedges and flipped them over again so that they were right side up on the plate.

It's important not to oversalt the potatoes, as the cheese is very salty. Most people use a higher proportion of egg, but I don't like it too eggy. You could use up to six eggs in this recipe, however. The chilies really add interest to the taste.


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plllog, snail grippers?

Lars, enjoy your beauteous new dishes. I love gray. Artsy, very pretty. Worth waiting and shopping for. They could be custom, or whatever one calls made by a ceramic artist or potter.

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When it comes to design, most people go by "that coordinates with this, and that harmonizes with that" and they end up with boring end results.

I like the fact that you have selected forms and colors that do not all "coordinate" but enhances each other, visually very interesting. A true designer you are.


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Not for a kosher meal, of course. In finding a picture, I've learned that they're rightfully called "tongs", but I think squeeze to open is not really tong-ish. :) There are also snail dishes with little cups. Some are for snails in the shell with a little sauce and others have deeper cups for the snails to be removed from their shells thereby obviating the need for snail grippers and forks. Specialized cutlery can pose a challenge, which is why above the plate with the fish fork and dessert spoon is a good place for them. Passing them with the snail dishes poses a bit of a challenge because where to place it without clanking or having it slide around while keeping the snails in their cups is demanding on the waiter. :)

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Sorry, Lars! I didn't mean to hijack your thread! And I also meant to thank you for posting your method.

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As long as we are hijacking, here is a photo I took in my back yard this morning, after the sprinkler system had watered.

All the tongs I have require squeezing, and I've had ones that I had to squeeze to open, like the ones you pictured. The advantage to those is that they will grip without squeezing, whereas the others require continuous squeezing to grip.

I had leftover tortilla yesterday for breakfast, and it reheated very nicely!


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