Speed Queen Washer and Dryer Questions

free_birdJanuary 23, 2009

I am 95% sure I want to buy a Speed Queen top loader and dryer. I have some questions, if anyone can help.

How long does a typical wash cycle, say on regular settings, last?

How long does it take to dry?

Which washer is most recommended? Which dryer? I do want a buzzer on the dryer.

Can you wash a queen-sized comforter in the washer?

Are you happy with your Speed Queen washer and dryer?

I think that's all the questions I have.

I've spent a week researching washers, and it's exhausting! It's confusing and frustrating. I just really want clean clothes, and I want to use regular powder detergent, not HE.


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After much research last January, we ended up with a Speed Queen washer and dryer, but we got a frontload washer. Our previous frontload washer and dryer were 10-year-old Maytag Neptunes. I see that you want the top loader but consumer input on Speed Queen products is next to nil on the web, so I thought I might at least answers some of your questions.

On the SQ front load washer, the washing times are shorter than most which is a big plus. I cannot speak re: the top loader. There is no buzzer when the wash cycle is completed and there is no delay start option.

Dryer takes normal time and does have a buzzer. There is no moisture sensor, so I stay close by so clothes don't get "baked." Unfortunately, I've noticed more lint with this dryer and our bath towels are now "puckered" at the ends even though I use the delicate cycle.

Another frustrating thing I've never encountered is that the silkscreening on some of DH's t-shirts is "cracking." I always wash these inside out, but I don't know if this is from the washer or dryer.

When we purchased the SQ set from a local dealer, we thought we had made a wise purchase due to the 3-year warranty, machines were US-made and because they were one of 2 manufacturers that had a washer that hinged on the right side to fit in our space.

Unfortunately, just after the front loader was used, it malfunctioned. Large replacement part was shipped in a single-wall cardboard box and damaged. There is no toll-free number for Speed Queen customer service and no one stepped up to follow through. After thirty days without a washer, we wrote a letter to the CEO. A new washer arrived within a week.

In summary, we are not happy with these machines. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I would keep researching. We subscribe to Consumer Reports online. They have a current review of washers. They review the front loader but not top loader.

Good luck!

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I recently bought the Speed Queen dryer. I would like to have had a moisture sensor, but I figured that I would soon learn how long an average load should tumble.

While it is true that Consumer Reports doesn't rate the SQ dryer or the top loader, if you go on the CR forums (access is free) you will find nothing but high praise for Speed Queen. It is my current intention to replace my old Maytag with a Speed Queen washer when it goes to the great appliance junkyard in the sky.

I bought the dryer locally from a very reputable dealer with a great service department.

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I know this is getting off the SQ topic, but we also thought we bought from a reputable local dealer, but we will never go back.

They insisted on using mylar flex-duct for venting. When we used the washer/dryer for the first time, laundry room and family room walls, doors and windows were coated with heavy condensation...loose vent connection. Service guys came out once we located the exact rigid vent duct needed.

Local store offered a replacement washer but our laundry space is very tight, so there wasn't room for another machine. They offered to reimburse us for money spent at laundromats. This didn't set well considering we spent almost $2000 on the set.

Getting things done right the first should be a given, even today. Very disheartening!

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