Air Handler installed sideways?!?

shamityMay 28, 2011

So we bought a house with new AC system that we paid half for as part of the sale. It is now 6 months old. The heat worked fine, as does the AC. However, it leaks like a sieve when running the AC. The leak appeared to come from all around the base of the air handler.

So we shut it off and opened it up to check the drip pan, and the drip pan was ON THE SIDE. Like, vertical. Everything appears to be in the right place based on diagrams I have been able to find on the internet, but it looks sideways. I know there are units designed to be installed horizontally... is it possible the HVAC person ordered the wrong unit and decided "oh well" and installed it vertically anyway? Like would anyone really DO that??? And if so, now what? There was about 4 inches of water on the bottom of the unit. We bailed it out and now we have tin bread pans down there to catch the water until we figure out what to do. I called the HVAC guy and of course I can't get a call back.

Any advice/opinions? Thanks!

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Is this an one piece air handler, or a separate air handler or a furnace with a coil next to it?

I suspect from what you have said that it is a furnace or AH with a coil (meaning that the coil is separate from the actual furnace and the two are hooked up one next to each other. )

In this scenario, a multiposition coil is what is supposed to be used in a horizontal application. This coil would have the drain pan for the condensation so it would work in all configurations. These coils are a bit more expensive than an upflow/downflow coil. Maybe $100-300 more depending on size. So in the overall cost of a complete system, not that large of a dollar amount.

I think you definately have something installed incorrectly, and possibly even have the wrong coil type.

If the system is only 6 months old, the installing dealer should work with you to get this resolved satisfactorily. When you call back on Tuesday, I suggest that you ask to speak to the manager or owner about your problem. If you can take some photos to email to them about what it looks like, that should also help.

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Shamity, I cannot find which state is your residence. In NC, the licensing board would investigate your complaint and take action for correction. Even taking the case to court. Call the installer one more time, then the licensing board.

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I have two air handlers and they have the same model number. One is mounted vertically in the basement to serve 1st fl, and the other mounted horizontally in the attic for the 2nd floor. I now suspect there is a possibilty that they are not designed to be operated horizontally. I will check the specs next.

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They are designed for either configuration. NEVER MIND

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