Liquid Detergent Dispenser?

sjsh_momJanuary 4, 2011

We will have a top loader w/d and currently have a bare wall above it. There are cabinetry above the counter on the other side of the W/D. What you have above your W/D...notably, how do you dispense costco size laundry detergent? We prefer to place it above the W/D to quickly dispense the detergent but I am worried about it looking "messey". Can you suggest anything? Thanks

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Put a cabinet over the washer with a hole in it for the spout of the bottle. Then you can open the cabinet door, squeeze the dispenser button and the detergent will fall into the washer. Might want to line the hole in the cabinet with plastic so it can be washed once in a while - might get a bit messy with time. Or put the detergent into a smaller bottle and squeeze it into the washer.

I finally got tired of dealing with large bottles of detergent and changed to the Method pump. Much smaller and easier to store and deal with.

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