Angel Food cake mix fix

noinwiApril 17, 2008

Someone gave me a box of Angel Food cake mix. I've never really liked AF cake, but I didn't want to seem ungrateful, so I took it. It's the 'just add water' type of mix.

Is there something I can add to it to make it more like regular cake? Eggs? Flour? Oil? (Please,no Jello) How much of what? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I'd make the cake then slice it horizontally into two layers. Put sliced strawberries between the layers & frost with whipping cream. Maybe, that wouldn't seem so Angel Food cakey to you??

Can't think of how you could change the mix. There's lots of powdered egg whites in the mix because that's what gives Angel Food cake it's lift. I think you'd make a mess if you added anything like eggs or flour.


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Try this:

1 package angel food cake mix

1 can crushed pineapple (don't drain)-- 20 Ounce Can

1. Combine both ingredients in large bowl.

2. Mix on medium speed with electric mixer.

3. Bake in accordance with cake mix box.

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I recently read a recipe to add orange juice for the water in your Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix plus 1 raw egg white. I have not tried this yet, however I plan on trying it.

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Thank you all for your responses. Looks like my only option is to make flavored Angel Food cake. I used my only can of pineapple for pizza last night...dang! I guess the cake mix will have to sit on the shelf until my next grocery run.

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There's also :-)

Good luck!

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Ok, so I found some orange juice in the freezer and made the cake with that, did not add the extra egg white. The flavor is nice...I made a little glaze with some of the juice mixed with powdered sugar(some Grand Marnier would have been good in this).
It's a little too 'airy' for me, but DH likes it, so it definitely won't be wasted. An interesting experiment. Thanks again for your suggestions.

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I made the angel food cake recipe that I posted using the extra egg white and the orange juice. Love the texture of the angel food cake with the added egg white. Be sure and add the egg white and the orange juice together to measure the amount of liquid called for in your Betty Crocker mix.
Will be making more of these.


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For future reference, you can whip some dry jello powder into the batter. Just add a tablespoon or 2 at a time, until you get the flavor you want. You can add to the entire bowl, or just flavor some of the batter and make a marble angelfood cake.

you can also layer angelfood batter with cinnamon sugar and nuts for a low-fat coffee-cake type concoction. Or you can add cocoa powder to the mix to make a chocolate angelfood cake. Cocoa is fat-free, so it won't ruin your AF cake--do NOT use melted chocolate, that won't work--the fat will deflate the egg whites.

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