Heat pump in a double wide

lindakimyMay 20, 2010

Hi, all.

I haven't posted on this forum before but have been around Gardenweb for a while. I hope there are smart people here who can offer some advice.

My dh and I live in a double wide down south (SC = hot) and our air conditioner had gotten rather expensive to run. Dh found a 12 SEER air handler and a 13 SEER compressor (I'm just repeating that because I have no idea what it means) and installed them. He and a friend (who is supposed to know HVAC) also cut a couple of goodly sized holes in the floor and put in grids and they are supposed to be the "returns" now. Apparently, trailers...er...mobile homes...er...whatever...have a different type of return. The inside doors are all short - about 3 inches above the floor and that is supposed to do it. Evidently that is not what works with a regular system. I am so confused.

Well, so far...there have been massive leaks because the ducts won't stick together and dh and his friend have been trying to connect them somehow that will stay. Also, dh says that the Hunter thermostat he bought is too complicated and probably not functioning properly because the fan comes on about 9 in the a.m. and runs for a couple of hours until the compressor kicks in and then the whole thing apparently runs about all day. (I have no idea if we will be able to afford the electric bill when it comes in.)

Does any of this make any sense? Can anybody suggest what may be wrong or how to make it right? I realize my questions are pretty general...er...incoherent. But that's all I know.

I suspect that the duct work in a double wide is not the right type or not adequate for the heat pump system we now have. Am I way off with that?

I just read this over and you may think it is a joke...it's not. Seriously, this is really my mess.



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O.K. Never mind.

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Not every post gets replied to on a first come first serve basis, its life in the computer age so there is no need to lose patience in here. I would by the one time use hvac system and sizing tool from hvac-calc.com and use that to size the duct system. Use brush on mastic to seal everything up after it is secure and the more time that is spent doing it right the better. If the sizing is right and ductwork is sealed and insulated you will save a fortune over a crummy built setup.

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also you can use 1/4" self tapping screws to hold ductwork
together, then mastic over sections and seams of ducts.

don't know about the t-stat..someone else may know.

mobile homes usually have floor returns..which also have
to be well connected and sealed. doors are undercut for return air from bedrooms. not the best set up..but what is
the usual set up.

heat pumps work well in my hot humid climate and are often
used on mobile homes.

best of luck.

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